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    Cookie Dough Fundraiser pickup date is Tuesday Oct. 21st from 1:30pm to 4pm at Stuart Middle School in the small gym.  If your student has more than 4 items please plan arrangements for pick up.

    Limo ride to lunch will be on the same day 10/21, if student qualified.

    "Flu season is just around the corner in Colorado! There is no way to predict in advance how severe flu activity will be so prevention is the best strategy to stay healthy. The single best way to avoid getting influenza is to get vaccinated each year. Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all persons aged 6 months and older, who do not have a contraindication to the vaccine. Most health insurance companies (including Medicaid) cover the cost of getting a flu vaccine so families with health insurance can go to your in-network health care provider to receive a vaccine at no cost.  Many pharmacies will bill your insurance and not charge a fee for flu vaccine (check with your local pharmacy). If you are uninsured, or your insurance won't cover vaccines, or you have Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), you can call Tri-County Health Department at 303-451-0123 to be vaccinated in one of their clinics. You can also visit http://flushot.healthmap.org/ to find flu shot clinics near you."

    NJHS will be holding their annual food drive October 7th - October 31!  This year, the group will focus and ask for students to bring in canned soups for our food pantry.  One can of soup can feed two to three family members.  What a quick way to make sure that everyone gets some nourishment for the day!  Please have your student take the canned soups in to their first period teacher.  NJHS members will collect and count all foods to inventory for the school's food pantry. 

    In a separate effort, NJHS members will also be asking for donations of granola bars, Capri suns, and bottled water to help the homeless in the Denver area.  In partnership with Sounds of Joy, a music organization in the Commerce City area, all of these items will be packed to give to area homeless folks in the next few weeks.  Please send these items to your first period class October 7th - October 31st.

    Parents- In an effort to try to continue to implement the use of ID's, we are going to another method.  Due to the high volume of students that need a temporary ID, we will now be issuing colored wrist bands according to their grade level which will be monitored more closely.  If your student forgets their ID one time in a week, they will be issued a wrist band with no consequence. The 2nd time in a week, they will be given a wrist band and will have to serve a lunch detention as well as contact home to notify their guardian. The 3rd time in a week, they will have to purchase a new ID and will receive 2 days of lunch detention as well as contact their guardian.

    We will be sending TCAP Student performance reports with your student on Friday October 3rd.  If you did not attend conferences Please check with your student to receive this information.  If you have any questions please call the office.

    It's not too late to order a Stuart yearbook for $30. But don't wait too long; the price will be going up October 12th.

    As we come to the end of September and the end of Attendance Awareness month we would like to continue the momentum that is moving Stuart Middle School's attendance percentage in a positive direction.  To help drive the upward trend and to reward our students who come to school on time and ready to learn all day every day, I will be selecting one male and one female student who have perfect attendance for the school week of 9/29-10/3.  Each of those students will be allowed to select a prize from the Liaison Office.  Options include: a Denver Nuggets basketball, water bottles, head phones, a locker sized dry erase board and a scented lotion.  The remaining prizes will be given to a randomly selected student in a classroom with perfect attendance on Thursday October 9th.  Perfect attendance means no absences or tardies all week, excused or otherwise.  Contact Gabe Gallawa if you have questions.

    Have you lost a jacket, lunch box, or hoodie?  You may find it in our lost and found bin located behind the main stairs in the main entry area.  Starting Friday, October 3rd and every Friday thereafter, all items in the Lost and Found bin will be donated to charity. 

    Attention 7th and 8th grade boys that are interested in playing basketball.

    Here is some important information that you will need to know.  Students MUST sign up on the list in order to participate.  This list will be located outside the office for 2 weeks starting on October 6th.

    1. Students MUST have in all paper work in on or before October 17th which is the Friday before practice starts

    2. All fee including outstanding fees (ie...transportation, book fines, class fees, planer, ID's...) need to be paid in full on or by October 17th

    3. If your fees are waived for any reason you still need to pay a $25.00 fundraiser fee and any outstanding fees such as (ie...planer, ID's)

    4. If you plan on fundraising your payment of $100.00 or $25.00 (fundraising) you will need to have a contract in and signed on or before October 17th and have all chocolates sold by November 14th (If this doesn't take place the student athlete will be asked to leave the team and all previously raised money will be placed in the athletic general fund).

    5. If any of the above things are not completed by October 17th the student athlete will not be able to participate

    6. There will be a mandatory parent/athlete meeting on October 10th at 5:00pm in the gym to talk about the above information.

    Don't forget to register to vote! Click HERE.



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District News

  • Frequently Asked Questions about district bond question

    School District 27J has a ballot question in the November election. In order to provide factual information for all potential voters, we have published a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Become a substitute in 27J

    Want to make a difference in the life of a child? School District 27J is looking for substitute teachers and substitute paraprofessionals to serve in our schools. Click here for more information or call 303-655-2919 for information.

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  • Parents encouraged to take SAAC Survey

    All 27J parents are encouraged to participate in the Student Achievement Advisory Council (SAAC) Parent Survey. Please click HERE to access the survey. Responses will be used in program improvement planning for the benefit of School District 27J students and families.
    In accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, SAAC was established in order to: ensure all children a free appropriate public education (FAPE); ensure student safety and well-being; provide an effective partnership of parents and educators; ensure the legal rights of students, and ensure a voice for all parents, the school administration and this Council. 


    Encuesta en ESPAÑOL del Consejo de Aprovechamiento Académico Estudiantil (SAAC) para padres de familia, haga clic aqui

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  • Community members needed to serve on Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee

    The School District 27J Board of Education is seeking community members to serve on a Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee in the event of a successful school district bond election. This committee would be responsible for monitoring the expenditure of bond funds. Click here to apply to be part of this committee.

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  • School District 27J to request $148 million for construction of new schools, renovations and expansions 

    The School District 27J Board of Education approved a resolution Aug. 26 with ballot language for a November school construction bond question. Read more ...

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