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Academic Programs and Policies

Book and Material Checkout

All students will receive books and materials needed to be successful in the classroom.  Each student will be expected to return the text in good condition.   Many of the textbooks cost as much as $80.00.  Parents/guardians are responsible for the replacement fees for any lost or damaged books from the classroom or the Media Center.  Students with unpaid fines will not be eligible to participate in activities including, but not limited to, athletics and field trips.  


Grading Overview

Stuart Middle School operates on the belief that grades should always be indicative of what students know and are able to do.

Guiding Principles

·   All grading practices must be related to achievement of district standards, state standards and /or program expectations.

·   60% of a student’s grade is earned from summative assessments or tests.

·   40% of a student’s grade is earned from class work and homework.

·   Effort, participation, attitude, and other behaviors will not be included in grades unless they are a stated part of the standards for that class.


Assessment (Tests) 60%

·   All tests given to students will be connected to the Colorado State or School District 27J standards or program expectations.

·   At the end of each unit of material, assessments will be given where students will be asked to show that they have learned the material, can perform necessary skills and apply concepts to solve problems. These assessments (tests) will be the majority of student’s grades each trimester.

·   Assessments don’t always take the form of a paper/pencil test. They can also be, but not necessarily limited to: class presentations, labs, extended writing assignments, and projects.

·   Students will be provided with ample notification of upcoming assessments. It is the student’s responsibility to write assessment dates in his/her planner in order to stay organized. If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to schedule a time with his/her teacher to make up the assessment. Students that have a missing assessment will receive a zero until that assessment has been completed. Assessments must be made-up prior to the end of the grading term.

·   Students earning a ‘B’ grade or lower will be given the opportunity to re-take assessments. An alternative assessment may be offered.

·   Student’s earning a ‘D’ or lower on an assessment will be required to retake that assessment or make appropriate corrections based on the feedback he/she receives from the teacher. In the event that a student either chooses or is required to retake a written test, teachers will schedule this retake to take place either during the student’s lunch period, after school, or during Strategies for Success class on Wednesday’s. It is suggested that students work with his/her teacher to get the information necessary in order to be successful on the assessment. Some teachers may require the student to attend a study session prior to the retake being administered.

·   When a student needs to attend more than one content area “study or retake” session, the student is responsible for making arrangements with the appropriate teachers to determine a date to complete the re-assessments in a timely fashion. Teachers will assist students through this process, helping them make decisions and prioritize reassessment dates.

·   In situations where the teacher has determined that the student has not made the maximum effort to complete an assessment/homework/class work successfully, the teacher has the right to refuse acceptance of the designated assignment until the student puts forth the appropriate effort.

Homework/Classwork 40%

·   Practice consists of all the assignments given to students during the learning process to help develop their understanding of a concept.  Practice assignments will be done both in class and at home.

·   Students will be given homework/class work assignments to practice their skills individually on a regular basis.

·   It is important that students attempt and give serious thought to all problems, as our difficult content is best learned through this individual practice. These assignments will be discussed and checked giving students the opportunity to ask questions of each other and the teacher to further increase their understanding.

·   Short, practice quizzes or assignments will be administered consistently and often throughout each trimester. The sole purpose of these quizzes is for students to gauge their current understanding and correct misconceptions.

·   Missing practice assignments that are entered into the grade book will receive a zero.

·   In situations where the teacher has determined that the student has not made the maximum effort to complete an assessment/homework/class work successfully, the teacher has the right to refuse acceptance of the designated assignment until the student puts forth the appropriate effort.

Additional Information

·   NO extra credit assignments will be given or accepted in an attempt impact a standing grade in a class.

·   Student percentages will not be rounded up in order to reflect a higher grade.

·   Teachers will only use point totals in Infinite Campus to reflect the grade a student earns on a specific assignment. The point totals will be issued as follows:



Point Translation

Earned Grade





Approaching Advanced






Partially Proficient














Physical Education Dress Policy

·   Students are required to wear a school P.E. uniform. Students must purchase one from the school at a cost of $15.  An additional charge of $5 will be assessed to cover the cost for a personal heart rate monitor that students will wear on their arms during specific class activities. Replacements costs for P.E. shirts and shorts are $7.50 each. Heart rate monitors can be replaced for $5.

·   Tennis shoes must have laces or fasteners and non-marking soles (no slip-ons).  Tennis shoes must be tied with bows on the outside of the shoes.

·   No tennis shoes or uniform results in a “no dress”.

·   Students are to label each piece of their uniform with first initial and last name.

·   Students are required to use a loaner uniform if they forget their uniform. 

·   Refusal to use a loaner is insubordination, which will result in disciplinary action.

·   An individual Physical Education program will be established for students with long-term physical injuries.  A doctor’s written consultation is required.

The only excuse from P.E. is a doctor’s excuse; otherwise, all students are expected to dress out and participate to their best ability every day.