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Attendance Policies

The Colorado School Attendance Law requires regular school attendance for children under the age of seventeen years.  C.R.S. § 22-33-101 et seq.  This law places the responsibility of regular attendance on both the student and the parent.

When a child misses more than a reasonable number of days due to illness, school policy requires notes from a doctor or the absences will be unexcused.   A student should not be absent due to illness for a long period of time unless the student has a documented serious illness, is in the hospital, or is under a doctor’s care.  If a child has missed more than a reasonable number of days due to illness, then a doctor’s note is needed to excuse each absence due to illness.  The absence will not be excused until the school receives the doctor’s note. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the student is at school, on time, every day.

Attendance Monitoring Procedures

Colorado School Attendance Law requires that students miss no more than 10 school days per year, excused or unexcused. In the event that a student has missed 10 or more days of school, he/she will be placed on an attendance contract requiring that they do not miss any more days without a note from a doctor. Parents/Guardians cannot excuse days missed beyond ten. Non-compliance with the attendance contract may result in a student and parent being required to appear in Adams County Truancy Court.

During the school year, parents/guardians will be notified via mail if their student is in danger of reaching the 10 day limit. These are automatically generated form letters and will be sent to every parent/guardian that has a student who has missed a significant amount of school days.

Excused Absences

Parents/Guardians must call the school on the same day of their student’s absence or on the first day of a multi-day absence.    It is the student’s responsibility to speak with the teachers for work that can be made up. Many classroom experiences such as videos, special presentations, lab experiments, etc., cannot be repeated, and the teacher is under no obligation to duplicate those experiences for the student who misses school with a prearranged absence.

Periodically, parents/guardians have decided to take their student’s on vacations during the school year. This is not encouraged or condoned as we believe that good attendance is fundamental to the success of our students. However, the first ten missed days are used at the discretion of the parent/guardian unless the student has already been placed on an attendance contract during the previous school year.

Students who have reached their 10 day limit for absences will not be excused for any reason without a doctors’ note. Family emergencies may constitute an excused absence. Please contact the principal for final determination.  

The following shall be considered excused absences:

·      Temporary illness or injury

·      Pre-arranged absences approved by an administrator/counselor

·      Absent due to physical, mental or emotional disability

·      School sponsored activity with advance approval by administration

·      The Attendance Office phone line is open 24 hours a day. The Otho E. Stuart Middle School Attendance Line is (720) 685-5507. Advanced notice of an excused absence is greatly appreciated. A doctor’s excuse for readmission may be required for an absence caused by a contagious or infectious disease.

·      Prearranged absences are those that are anticipated by the student and her/his family, and they should be discussed with the Attendance Clerk prior to the absences. The student should make provisions in advance with her/his teachers to gather and/or complete the work to be missed.

·      Work missed during any excused absence may be made up by arrangements between the student and the individual teacher.  Time limits on such make-up work shall normally be one more day than the number of days absent.  If a student is absent, make-up work will be provided upon parent/guardian request.  Requested work will be available 48 hours after the request has been initiated. Weekends or holidays are not considered a part of the 48-hour window.

·      Homework will not be provided in anticipation of a pre-arranged absence. Students will be given the total days missed, plus one day upon their return to complete any assignments or tests missed during their time of absence. Students who are suspended from school will not be given assignments prior to the suspension.

Make-up Work and Tests

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to receive missed work.

1.     During an excused absence:

  • Students shall be allowed to make-up work missed during excused absences for full credit.
  • Students will be given the same number of days they were absent plus one additional day to make up those assignments that were assigned on the day of the absence. For example, if a student misses two days, he or she will have three days to make up the assignment.  The make-up period begins on the next school day following an absence.
  • Individual teachers may grant extra time for make-up in hardship cases.
  • Projects that are assigned prior to a student’s absence are to be turned-in on the due date or upon the student’s return date to school.

2.     During a truancy (unexcused absence):

·         Students with unexcused absences shall NOT receive credit for class work missed. However, they will be held responsible for the content and the completion of class work covered during their unexcused absence.

3.     During an out-of school suspension:

·         Students will be allowed to make-up work during an out-of-school suspension.  Students will be given the same number of days they were suspended plus one additional day to make up those assignments that were assigned on the day of the absence. For example, if a student misses two days, he or she will have three days to make up the assignment.


If a student is absent without an excuse signed by the parent/guardian or if the student leaves school or a class without permission of the teacher or administrator in charge, the student shall be considered truant.  A “habitually truant” shall be defined as a student of compulsory attendance age who has four unexcused absences from school or from class in any one (1) month or (10) unexcused absences during any school year.  Absences due to suspension or expulsion shall not be counted in the total of unexcused absences. 

In order to reduce the incidents of truancy parents/guardians of all students shall be notified in writing at the beginning of each school year of their obligation to ensure that all children of compulsory attendance age attend school.  Parents/guardians shall be required to acknowledge in writing awareness of their obligations and to furnish the school with a telephone number or other means of contacting them during the school day.

The school shall establish a system of monitoring individual unexcused absences.  When a student fails to repot on a regularly scheduled school day and school personnel have received no indication that the parent/guardian is aware of the absence, school personnel or volunteers under the direction of school personnel shall make a reasonable effort to notify the parent/guardian by telephone.

A plan shall be developed for a student who is a risk of being declared habitually truant with the goal of assisting the child to remain in school. When practicable, the child’s parent, guardian or legal custodian shall participate, with district personnel during the development of the plan.  Appropriate school personnel shall make all reasonable efforts to meet with the parent or guardian to review and evaluate the reasons for the child’s truancy.  Adopted: 03/09/94 Revised: 10/12/94, 11/12/96, 09/09/98


At Stuart Middle School we take tardies as seriously as we do absences. So do the judges who preside over Adams County Truancy Court. Please remember that 3 unexcused tardies equal 1 full day absence. Students are tardy when they are not in their classrooms when the bell rings, even if only one minute late. Students receive a discipline referral when they accumulate 3 or more tardies over the course of a week (Monday through Friday).

Field Trips

Occasionally students will be invited on school-sponsored field trips.  Any student absent from regular classes will be responsible for any assignment due for the next regularly scheduled class.  This would include tests, homework or other daily work assignments.

Leaving Campus During School Hours

Every student missing a class and/or leaving campus before her/his regular dismissal time must have clearance from the Attendance Clerk or administration prior to the absence.  Parent/Guardian contact will be necessary before any student is permitted to leave.

Students who become ill during the school day should report to the Health office. The Health Aide or Main Office personnel will evaluate the nature of the illness and assist in contacting the parent/guardian for transportation home.  The Health Aide or one of the Main Office personnel will notify the Attendance Office to excuse the student from classes missed.

Parents/Guardians or the listed emergency contact person(s) are the only adults who can excuse and/or pick up a student from school. Students who do not follow this procedure and go home on their own without permission from the health aide, attendance clerk or one of the main office personnel will be considered truant.