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  • Click here for an important message from SRO Ortiz!

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  • July 31, 2020


    Hello Bulldog Family,

    I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy.  The last couple of weeks have been an incredible rollercoaster ride, with constantly changing health and safety guidelines.  I greatly appreciate your patience and grace with us as we work to create a learning plan that will provide two robust learning models  for all of our students: 1) an in person blended model that rotates between in-person and remote learning, and 2) an online-only model.  

    If, after you have read all of the information shared below, you would like to change which learning model you selected in the previous community “Intent to Return Survey” that went out to families July 21st, you may do so by contacting Heidi Dent at or (303)655-4206 no later than August 5th.  -


    In-Person Blended Learning:  High Schools have been directed to reduce the daily number of students allowed on campus and in classes in order to meet the health and safety guidelines established by the State.  As a result, high school students will receive in-person instruction in classrooms at BHS one day a week through an ABCD cohort model and will have live remote sessions with teachers throughout the week.  Students will be broken into cohorts (A, B, C, D) and will attend their classes during designated times - see the BHS Bell Schedule.  Cohort groups have not yet been established, however, as these groups are created we will be working to create groups based upon neighborhoods and geographic areas in an effort to help families plan for carpooling needs, etc. 

    • Students will attend school during their scheduled group chort. Cohorts/Groups A & C 8:30am - 12:05pm on their group’s in-person learning days. Cohorts/Groups B & D 12:58pm - 4:32pm on their group’s in-person learning days.
    • All high school students will participate in an in-person or remote orientation prior to starting school. Students will only attend orientation on the days assigned to their specific group/cohort. During orientation, students will learn about the expectations, routines and digital tools (Chromebooks, Google Classroom, etc.) associated with their selected Learning experience. During this time, they will also pick up any necessary learning materials and take pictures for school ID’s. More details will be provided at a later date.
    • All students will begin a regular schedule on September 1st.
    • For safety purposes, all campuses will operate as closed campuses. Students will not be allowed to leave for lunch. 
    • Students will complete up to three (3) courses plus an advisory block for a total of four (4) credits per quarter.  
    • Masks will be required at all times while on campus. Masks must be school-appropriate and must comply with the same dress code policy as any other clothing item. BHS will be providing 1 washable/reusable mask to each student.
    • Students will enter the school at the same entrance each day with the same group. More details will be sent out about which doors students will be required to enter.
    • Upon arrival, students will use hand sanitizer and be temperature screened. 
    • Guidelines to promote safe participation within all choice and elective programs, including: Visual Arts, Career and Technical Education, Music, Choir, Band, Orchestra, PE, and Theatre; will be communicated before the start of school.
    • We will continue to follow the guidelines from Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), our state’s governing body for activities and athletics. We will continue to provide updates as they are disseminated to us from CHSAA. Students will be allowed to participate in athletics with their assigned school regardless of in-person or online-only status.
    • Please reference other safety provisions outlined in the 27J Schools Safety Provisions.


    On-Line Only Learning:  The Online-Only learning option will be taught by 27J Schools teachers and delivered via Google Classroom and other online resources. The intent for this program is to serve students with a robust and rigorous online-learning experience. Students enrolled in the program will stay affiliated with Brighton High School.

    • Each course will be taught by 27J Schools educators, and aligned with 27J Schools expectations which will mirror the content/courses being taught through our In-Person learning model. 
    • Students will maintain ties and communication with their regular school site for ongoing service, social components, and the potential return to the physical school environment in the future.
    • Families will play an integral role in furthering their students’ education through the online program. 
    • Students will complete up to three (3) courses plus an advisory block for a total of four (4) credits per quarter.  
    • Students will be expected to attend scheduled live meetings and learning sessions weekly.
    • Students will be expected to log in and have daily engagement in remote learning experiences.
    • Workload will be consistent with in-person learning. 
    • The selection of courses offered through the online-only model will be limited.
    • Grading practices for transcript credit for remote learning will align with the grading practices for a traditional school setting.
    • Students enrolled in online-only instruction will need to participate in a virtual orientation. Schedules for orientation will be provided by schools. (There may be a need for students to come to the school for Chromebook support and ID’s.  More information to come.)
    • Students choosing to enroll in online-only instruction will be required to remain in this model for the semester.
    • An on-line learning schedule will be sent out soon.


    Commonly Asked Questions:

    How does the quarter system work?  Each student will take up to 6 classes and Advisory for the entire semester.  Students will only take up to 3 classes and Advisory during each quarter. 

     For example:  A student is scheduled to take the following classes:1) English, 2) Math, 3) Art, 4) PE, 5) Science, 6) Catering, and Advisory.  They will only take the odd period classes during the 1st and 3rd quarter and then the even period classes during the 2nd and 4th quarter. (see sample below)


    Qtr 1 - September 1st - October 21st

    Qtr 2 - October 22 - December 18th

    1) English

    3) Art


    5) Science

    2) Math

    4)  PE


    6) Catering


    Will this impact my student be able to take enough classes to stay on track for graduation?  No, students will still be able to earn the same amount of credits each semester, 7 total semester credits or a total of 14 credits for the school year.

    What about my schedule, when will I get it?  Student schedules will be finalized and released after August 12th.  The course choices you made in the spring semester are still being used to create your schedules, regardless if you are in person-blended or fully online. 

    When will I know my co-hort group?  After August 12th.  It will be included on your student’s class schedule and identified in Infinite Campus at the top of your student’s page.

    I know this is a lot of information and we will be sharing even more details in the days to come.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (303)655-4200 and we will do our best to answer those questions.  If we don’t immediately have the answer, we will get back to you.


    Thank you,


    Shelly Genereux

    BHS Principal

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  • July 23, 2020

    Good afternoon BHS Community!  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have been working to build an educational framework for the 2020-21 school year, in spite of COVID 19’s relentless presence in our county.  I know many of you are anxious about the start of the school year, unsure of the decisions you need to make for your student.  I too have anxiety and apprehension about how the school year will go, but please know we are doing our very best to provide your student a high quality education that will continue to prepare them for college, career or military, while working to ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff alike.  


    Yesterday the 27J Return to School Learning Plan was released.  I encourage you to take time this week to carefully review the educational options we will be providing to your student for this coming school year.  Once you have reviewed the document it is extremely important that you complete the commitment document noted below:

    27J Return to School Plan

    LINK: English:


    The document contains an important commitment form to be completed by families.  We cannot communicate details about what our school day will look like until we have your responses to the commitment document. 


    You will see there are essentially two options for 27J high school students:

    • Blended (hybrid) Learning Framework referred to as “In-Person Learning”
      On-campus days students will have time on-campus for in person learning and support.  The number of days at school will be based on the various Colorado safety level metrics with students being on campus one (1) or two (2) days per week.  Off-campus days students will be expected to complete learning experiences and assessments while off-campus (home) equivalent to a full day of classes.
    • Fully Remote Learning referred to as “Online-only Learning”:
      All student work will be completed remotely with no on-campus learning opportunities.

    We would greatly appreciate your time to complete this request:

    Please commit to one of the following options by Sunday July 26 at 8:00pm
    via this link.
    Families who do not commit by July 26 will be automatically enrolled in the blended in-person learning model.


    Once the commitment form closes and we have the data from our families, we will be able to complete the design of our learning plan. Please know that we are working with updates from the Colorado Department of Education which were released late on Monday, which has required high schools to review and make some adjustments to our plan.  We desire to have students on campus as much as possible, however, limitations in our classrooms and the complexity of high school student scheduling needs significantly impact our ability to maintain acceptable cohort groups of students.  We are committed to providing on-campus, face to face (f2f), learning as much as the State of Colorado Safety metrics will allow.  We will be sending out the final plan next week and if, after reading the complete details you would like to change what you had originally submitted on your commitment form, we will provide you an opportunity to make that change.  


    We are working to adjust student schedules based on the revised learning structures.  Student schedules for In-Person and Online only will be available by August 11th.  Due to the complex nature of these schedules we will not allow schedule changes unless it is to meet a graduation requirement.  Many of you have had questions about students' ability to meet graduation requirements.  Please rest assured that your student will still be able to meet the graduation requirements established by School District 27J and will have the ability to earn at least 6 credits each semester.


    As far as athletics and extracurricular activities are concerned, they are governed by the Colorado High Schools Activities and Athletics Association (CHSAA).  Decisions related to conducting these programs  are still in progress by CHSAA and the Governor’s Office.  We will provide an update on Fall Sports and Activities as soon as it is provided to us.


    Finally, as you might imagine, we have been working in a constantly changing world, trying to build and rebuild plans while working to ensure they meet the Colorado safety metrics as well as National, State, and Local Health Departments guidelines.  Additional information will be coming out at the end of next week, detailing the start of school.  In the meantime, please stay safe, and healthy.





    Shelly Genereux


    Brighton High School

    23 de julio de 2020

    Buenas tardes Comunidad BHS! Gracias por su paciencia y comprensión, ya que hemos estado trabajando para construir un marco educativo para el año escolar 2020-21, a pesar de la implacable presencia de COVID 19 en nuestro condado. Sé que muchos de ustedes están ansiosos por el comienzo del año escolar, inseguros de las decisiones que deben tomar para su estudiante. Yo también tengo ansiedad y aprensión acerca de cómo será el año escolar, pero tenga en cuenta que estamos haciendo todo lo posible para brindarle a su estudiante una educación de alta calidad que continúe preparándolos para la universidad, la carrera o el ejército, mientras trabajamos para garantizar una seguridad entorno de aprendizaje para estudiantes y personal por igual.

    Ayer se lanzó el Plan de aprendizaje de regreso a la escuela 27J. Le animo a que se tome un tiempo esta semana para revisar cuidadosamente las opciones educativas que le brindaremos a su estudiante para el próximo año escolar. Una vez que haya revisado el documento, es extremadamente importante que complete el documento de compromiso que se detalla a continuación:

    27J Plan de Regreso a la Escuela

    ENLACE: Inglés:


    El documento contiene un formulario de compromiso importante que deben completar las familias. No podemos comunicar detalles sobre cómo será nuestro día escolar hasta que tengamos sus respuestas al documento de compromiso.

    Verá que hay esencialmente dos opciones para los estudiantes de secundaria de 27J:

    • Marco de aprendizaje mixto (híbrido) denominado "Aprendizaje en persona"

    Los días en el campus los estudiantes tendrán tiempo en el campus para el aprendizaje y apoyo en persona. El número de días en la escuela se basará en las diversas métricas del nivel de seguridad de Colorado, con los estudiantes en el campus uno (1) o dos (2) días por semana. Se espera que los estudiantes fuera del campus completen experiencias de aprendizaje y evaluaciones, mientras que fuera del campus (hogar) equivale a un día completo de clases. 

    • Aprendizaje totalmente remoto denominado "Aprendizaje solo en línea":

    Todo el trabajo de los estudiantes se completará de forma remota sin oportunidades de          aprendizaje en el campus.

    Agradeceríamos mucho su tiempo para completar esta solicitud:

    Comprométase con una de las siguientes opciones antes del domingo 26 de julio a las 8:00 p.m.a través de este enlace.

    Las familias que no se comprometan antes del 26 de julio se inscribirán automáticamente en el modelo combinado de aprendizaje en persona.

    Una vez que se cierre el formulario de compromiso y tengamos los datos de nuestras familias, podremos completar el diseño de nuestro plan de aprendizaje. Tenga en cuenta que estamos trabajando con las actualizaciones del Departamento de Educación de Colorado que se publicaron el lunes por la noche, lo que ha requerido que las escuelas secundarias revisen y hagan algunos ajustes a nuestro plan. Deseamos tener estudiantes en el campus tanto como sea posible, sin embargo, las limitaciones en nuestras aulas y la complejidad de las necesidades de programación de estudiantes de secundaria impactan significativamente nuestra capacidad de mantener grupos de estudiantes aceptables. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar en el campus, cara a cara (f2f), aprendiendo tanto como lo permitan las métricas de seguridad del Estado de Colorado. Enviaremos el plan final la próxima semana y si, después de leer los detalles completos, le gustaría cambiar lo que originalmente había enviado en su formulario de compromiso, le brindaremos la oportunidad de hacer ese cambio.

    Estamos trabajando para ajustar los horarios de los estudiantes en función de las estructuras de aprendizaje revisadas. Los horarios de los estudiantes solo en persona y en línea estarán disponibles antes del 11 de agosto. Debido a la naturaleza compleja de estos horarios, no permitiremos cambios de horario a menos que sea para cumplir con un requisito de graduación. Muchos de ustedes han tenido preguntas sobre la capacidad de los estudiantes para cumplir con los requisitos de graduación. Tenga la seguridad de que su estudiante aún podrá cumplir con los requisitos de graduación establecidos por el Distrito Escolar 27J y tendrá la capacidad de obtener al menos 6 créditos cada semestre.

    En lo que respecta al atletismo y las actividades extracurriculares, se rigen por la Asociación de Actividades y Atletismo de las Escuelas Secundarias de Colorado (CHSAA). CHSAA y la Oficina del Gobernador aún están tomando decisiones relacionadas con la realización de estos programas. Proporcionaremos una actualización sobre los deportes y actividades de otoño tan pronto como nos la proporcionen.

    Finalmente, como se puede imaginar, hemos estado trabajando en un mundo en constante cambio, tratando de construir y reconstruir planes mientras trabajamos para garantizar que cumplan con las métricas de seguridad de Colorado, así como con las pautas de los departamentos de salud nacionales, estatales y locales. Saldrá información adicional al final de la próxima semana, que detalla el inicio de clases. Mientras tanto, manténgase seguro y saludable.


    Shelly Genereux


    Escuela secundaria de Brighton

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  • Bulldog Community Update


    Dear Bulldog Community,


    I want to take a moment to acknowledge the unnecessary death of Mr. George Floyd.  A life is a very precious thing that should never be taken lightly. I am deeply saddened and heartbroken that still in the year 2020, we have individuals who are not being treated with dignity and respect.


    The vision statement of Brighton High School states, “Sparking curiosity that drives academic excellence while uniting our community through respect and kindness.”  These words and the values of “Relationship & Community, Dignity & Respect, Diversity, Integrity, Collaboration, and a Growth Mindset” were chosen by the students and staff of Brighton High School to reflect how they want their school community to treat every person within.  While we are not perfect, and we still have several areas in which to improve, we are committed to working hard to develop a school culture that is free of racism, inequality and intolerance for others.   At BHS, we believe that everyone matters and it is our responsibility to work with our students, staff, parents, and community as a whole to demonstrate this belief and help to make our community more inclusive for all.  


    I am proud to stand with students from BHS who are organizing an event to bring the community together, to stand in unity in an effort to understand and become compassionate and empathetic about the struggles of individuals of diverse cultures, races and beliefs, and to demonstrate that yes, Black lives do matter.  On Sunday, June 14th at Carmichael Park, BHS students are asking the community to come together and leave their handprint on a sign that states, "Together We Stand in Unity-Black Lives Matter," More information about the event is included on the attached flyer.  I hope you will join me on Sunday, to help bring our community together.



    Shelly Genereux, Principal

    Brighton High School


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  • Gold Tournament

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  • Brighton High School registration for Fall Sports is now open.  Students interested in participating in Cheer, Poms (Dance), Cross Country, Softball, Boys Golf, Boys Soccer, Football, or Volleyball  should register now on to ensure you receive information about workouts (some have started virtually) and schedulesBoys Tennis is a combined team hosted by Prairie View High School and transportation for practices is provided from BHS.  Players should register for boys tennis with PVHS when their registration opens.  

    Please note that the $135 participation fee will not be applied to Infinite Campus accounts for payment until mid-July.  Students who qualify for free or reduced meal benefits need to have an information waiver on file with the Nutrition Services Office in order for the District to apply a fee waiver.

    Please see this link for more information.  If you have questions, more information is available on FamilyID and the athletic office at, 720-509-9316 (temp. number).  We will be out of the office starting 6/3 for summer break. 

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  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts honored BHS and all Theater Programs across Colorado. 

    Click HERE to see it 

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  • Information on the Italy Trip 2021!

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  • Click here to watch 2020 Academic Awards at 7:00PM May 15

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  • Head Boys Soccer Coach Introduction


    Bulldog family,


    I am excited to share with you that I have accepted the offer to be the next head coach of the Brighton High School Boys Soccer program.  Some of you may know me from coaching the JV boys the last 2 years, or from the girls program.  I have been the head coach for the Brighton girls program for the past three years and before that was the JV coach for 2 years.  I have been involved with the Brighton boys program the past 2 years as the JV coach as well.  I previously was the head boys coach at Standley Lake High school, where I lead them to the playoffs every year and we made it to the semi-finals once.  


    I am the father to 5 great kids and have been married for almost 25 years.  I've lived in the Brighton area for 18 years, and all of my children are current students or graduates from Brighton High School.  I grew up in Texas playing for the top team in San Antonio winning the Texas state championship twice.  I played one year of college soccer before injury shortened my soccer playing career.  I have been coaching for over 19 years at both club and high school levels.  


    I am incredibly excited for this opportunity and look forward to growing our soccer community and success together. 


    I plan on reaching out to the boys by early next week, but want to provide my contact information for everyone as well. My email address is



    Thank you,


    Mike Day

    Head Boys Soccer

    Brighton High School

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  • Dear 27J Parents, Students, and Staff:


    As we approach the end of the school-year, many of you are anxious to know how we will handle commencement ceremonies. Based on the current measures in place to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and recommendations form the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we cannot in good faith bring thousands of people together for traditional commencement ceremonies.


    To protect the health of our graduates, their families, and faculty and staff of 27J we are making plans to move all 27J high school commencement events to a virtual ceremony that will be broadcast online. Given the uncertainty of when it might again be safe to bring such large groups together, and the rapidly changing scale of the pandemic, we know that this change is the only responsible action we can take.


    While this will not be the same as our traditional ceremonies, we are committed to finding the best way possible to recognize the achievements of the Class of 2020, and we will strive to make the virtual event as meaningful and celebratory as the circumstances permit. 


    In the coming days, you will be contacted directly by your high school (Brighton High, Prairie View High, Innovations & Options, and/or Eagle Ridge Academy) with specific details on commencement ceremonies and other end-of-year activities.


    While we understand this is not the way any of us want to send off our exemplary graduates, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to conclude the school year in a safe and positive way. Together we will make it work. 


    Dr. Chris Fiedler



    William Pierce

    Chief Student Achievement Officer


    Michael Burke

    Principal, Prairie View High


    Shelly Genereux

    Principal, Brighton High


    Kenlyn Newman

    Principal, Innovations & Options


    Mary Nell Stringer

    Head of School & Principal, Eagle Ridge Academy

    Estimados padres, estudiantes y personal del 27J:

    A medida que nos acercamos al final del ciclo escolar, muchos de ustedes están ansiosos por saber cómo conduciremos las ceremonias de graduación. Debido a las medidas actuales para detener la transmisión de COVID-19 y las recomendaciones de los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC), no podemos de buena fe reunir a miles de personas para las ceremonias de graduación tradicionales. 

    Para proteger la salud de nuestros graduados, sus familias, el personal docente y todos los empleados del 27J, estamos haciendo planes para conducir todas las ceremonias de graduación del 27J de forma virtual (en línea).  Dada la perplejidad de cuándo podría volver a ser seguro reunir a grupos tan grandes y con la escala cambiante de la pandemia, sabemos que este cambio es la única acción responsable que podemos tomar.

     Si bien, esto no será lo mismo que en nuestras ceremonias tradicionales, estamos comprometidos a encontrar la mejor manera posible de reconocer los logros de la clase de 2020 y nos esforzaremos por hacer que el evento virtual sea tan significativo y celebratorio como las circunstancias lo permitan.

    En los próximos días, ustedes serán contactados directamente por su escuela preparatoria (Brighton High, Prairie View High, Innovations & Options, y / o Eagle Ridge Academy) para explicarles los detalles específicos sobre las ceremonias de graduación y otras actividades de fin de año.

    Mientras que entendemos que ésta no es la manera en que cualquiera de nosotros quiere dejar ir a nuestros ejemplares egresados, apreciamos su paciencia y comprensión mientras trabajamos para concluir el ciclo escolar de una manera segura y positiva. Juntos haremos que esto funcione.


    Dr. Chris Fiedler



    William Pierce

    Jefe del Aprovechamiento Estudiantil


    Michael Burke

    Director, Preparatoria Prairie View


    Shelly Genereux

    Directora, Preparatoria Brighton


    Kenlyn Newman

    Directora, Innovations & Options


    Mary Nell Stringer

    Cabeza principal de la escuela y directora, Eagle Ridge Academy

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  • Yearbooks

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  • To access your One Log In Account 

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  • Hello BHS Parents/Guardians & Students:


    As we all strive to navigate the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the disruption it has had on all of our daily lives and greater community.  Despite these uncertainties, we are going to help provide students and families with some sense of “normalcy” through learning. Our new “normal” is not education as we knew it on March 12th and before.  Instead it is something we are calling Assured Remote Learning. You have received the letter from our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fielder, describing what this means, and below I will provide you with the details and what that looks like for your student(s).


    As we move forward with the next few weeks and potentially the rest of the semester, the entire Brighton High School staff will be focused on connections with students and families to check in and monitor their well being and to provide learning opportunities to students that will help them to review strengthen, and master the specific skills and knowledge they have worked on thus far in the school year.  My entire staff has been working hard to provide meaningful learning experiences for your students that will focus on deepening, enriching and solidifying the skills, concepts and knowledge that will ensure them to be successful for college, career, or the workforce.  


    The basic structure of our Assured Remote Learning Plan is as follows:


    Step 1 - Week of March 31st - April 3rd

    • March 31st - All grades in IC are updated and posted to 12 weeks by 4pm. This will provide teachers, parents/guardians, and students with an accurate picture of what the grade is in each class.  


    • April 3rd - Parent/Guardian Contact
      • Teachers will be calling families of ALL students in their Advisory class to check on families and students, to find out if there are any particular needs (such as chromebooks, text books, supplies, resources, etc)
      • Teachers will post the first learning experiences and assignments on their Google classroom pages for the week of April 7th-10th.


    Step 2 - Address Student’s Learning Needs

    • Administrators will be working on plans to address student learning needs and providing any resources or tools that families might need.  This information will be gathered by Advisory teachers when they contact families on April 3rd.


    • If students need to access the school to get needed items, a plan will be established and communicated out to those families.  It is important to know we MUST follow the 6 foot apart, no more than 10 people in the building at any one time policy for Social Distancing. 


    Step 3 - Assured Remote Learning Begins - April 7th

    • Teachers will establish Office Hours and post them on their Google Classrooms.  These office hours provide students dedicated times to contact teachers to answer questions, provide assistance, additional instruction, check ins, etc.  
    • Counselors will establish and communicate Office Hours for students and parents to contact them with any questions or concerns.


    • The Learning - It is not our desire to overwhelm families and students therefore we will be limiting the amount of work students will be provided each week.  The goal is for students to strengthen specific skills and knowledge they have worked on thus far (up to March 12, 2020).
      • Teachers will plan for and post one (1) hour of learning experiences per week for each class. This means each student will have about 7 hours worth of work per week.*Exception: AP, PLTW, CU and FRCC concurrent enrollment courses as these are controlled by third parties who may have different expectations & criteria.  Teachers of these courses will communicate the expectation to their students.
      • These learning experiences will deepen, review, and solidify the skills, content, and knowledge students have been learning up to this point in the school year.
      • These learning experiences are optional for the students, however they will be used to improve ALL students' grades. They CANNOT negatively impact the student’s final grades. *Exception: AP, PLTW, CU and FRCC concurrent enrollment courses may add new content and require completion of learning experiences, as outlined in their updated expectations.
      • All assignments are due by 11:59pm on the Friday of each week.


    • Advisory teachers will contact their Advisory students each Tuesday


    • Teachers will contact any student who does not engage in the weekly learning experiences.


    • Grades will be updated each week.


    We are ready and excited to provide your students with a new learning experience.  Please be patient with us as this is new to all of us, and we will be working out some of the kinks, but rest assured we will be doing the best we can for you and your student(s).  


    There are still a lot of questions that I do not yet have the answers to (graduation, awards programs, spring sports, etc.), but we are working to find solutions.  Those solutions will be communicated out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please continue to practice social distancing, stay safe and healthy.



    Shelly Genereux


    Hola padres / tutores y estudiantes de BHS:


    A medida que todos nos esforzamos por navegar por las incertidumbres que rodean a COVID-19, quiero tomarme un momento para reconocer la interrupción que ha tenido en todas nuestras vidas cotidianas y en la comunidad en general. A pesar de estas incertidumbres, vamos a ayudar a proporcionar a los estudiantes y sus familias un cierto sentido de "normalidad" a través del aprendizaje. Nuestra nueva "normalidad" no es la educación como la conocíamos el 12 de marzo y antes. En cambio, es algo que llamamos aprendizaje remoto asegurado. Recibió la carta de nuestro Superintendente de Escuelas, Dr. Fielder, que describe lo que esto significa, y a continuación le proporcionaré los detalles y cómo se ve para su (s) estudiante (s).


    A medida que avanzamos con las próximas semanas y potencialmente el resto del semestre, todo el personal de Brighton High School se centrará en las conexiones con los estudiantes y las familias para verificar y controlar su bienestar y proporcionar oportunidades de aprendizaje a los estudiantes que ayudarán ellos para revisar fortalecer y dominar las habilidades y conocimientos específicos en los que han trabajado hasta ahora en el año escolar. Todo mi personal ha estado trabajando arduamente para proporcionar experiencias de aprendizaje significativas para sus estudiantes que se centrarán en profundizar, enriquecer y solidificar las habilidades, conceptos y conocimientos que asegurarán que tengan éxito para la universidad, la carrera o la fuerza laboral.


    La estructura básica de nuestro Plan de aprendizaje remoto asegurado es la siguiente:


    Paso 1 - Semana del 31 de marzo al 3 de abril


    • 31 de marzo: todas las calificaciones en IC se actualizan y publican a las 12 semanas antes de las 4pm Esto proporcionará a los maestros, padres / tutores y estudiantes una imagen precisa de cuál es el grado en cada clase.




    • 3 de abril - Contacto de padre / tutor


      • Los maestros llamarán a las familias de TODOS los estudiantes en su clase de Asesoría para verificar a las familias y estudiantes, para averiguar si hay alguna necesidad en particular (como libros de cromo, libros de texto, suministros, recursos, etc.)
      • Los maestros publicarán las primeras experiencias de aprendizaje y tareas en sus páginas de clase de Google para la semana del 7 al 10 de abril.


    Paso 2: abordar las necesidades de aprendizaje del alumno

    • Los administradores trabajarán en planes para abordar las necesidades de aprendizaje de los estudiantes y proporcionarán los recursos o herramientas que las familias puedan necesitar. Los maestros asesores recopilarán esta información cuando se comuniquen con las familias el 3 de abril.


    • Si los estudiantes necesitan acceder a la escuela para obtener los artículos necesarios, se establecerá un plan y se comunicará a esas familias. Es importante saber que DEBEMOS seguir los 6 pies de distancia, no más de 10 personas en el edificio en cualquier política de distancia social.


    Paso 3 - Comienza el aprendizaje remoto asegurado - 7 de abril

    • Los maestros establecerán Horas de Oficina y las publicarán en sus Aulas de Google. Estas horas de oficina brindan a los estudiantes tiempo dedicado para comunicarse con los maestros para responder preguntas, proporcionar asistencia, instrucción adicional, inscripciones, etc.
    • Los consejeros establecerán y comunicarán las horas de oficina para que los estudiantes y los padres se comuniquen con ellos con cualquier pregunta o inquietud.
    • El aprendizaje: no es nuestro deseo abrumar a las familias y los estudiantes, por lo tanto, limitaremos la cantidad de trabajo que se proporcionará a los estudiantes cada semana. El objetivo es que los estudiantes fortalezcan habilidades y conocimientos específicos en los que han trabajado hasta ahora (hasta el 12 de marzo de 2020).
      • Los maestros planificarán y publicarán una (1) hora de experiencias de aprendizaje por semana para cada clase. Esto significa que cada estudiante tendrá aproximadamente 7 horas de trabajo por semana. * Excepción: cursos de inscripción concurrente AP, PLTW, CU y FRCC ya que estos están controlados por terceros que pueden tener diferentes expectativas y criterios. Los maestros de estos cursos comunicarán las expectativas a sus alumnos.
      • Estas experiencias de aprendizaje profundizarán, revisarán y solidificarán las habilidades, el contenido y el conocimiento que los estudiantes han estado aprendiendo hasta este momento en el año escolar.
      • Estas experiencias de aprendizaje son opcionales para los estudiantes, sin embargo, se utilizarán para mejorar las calificaciones de TODOS los estudiantes. NO PUEDEN impactar negativamente las calificaciones finales del estudiante. * Excepción: los cursos de inscripción simultánea AP, PLTW, CU y FRCC pueden agregar contenido nuevo y requerir la finalización de experiencias de aprendizaje, como se describe en sus expectativas actualizadas.
      • Todas las tareas deben entregarse antes de las 11:59P.M. Del viernes de cada semana.


    • Los maestros asesores se comunicarán con sus estudiantes asesores cada martes


    • Los maestros contactarán a cualquier estudiante que no participe en las experiencias de aprendizaje semanales.


    • Las calificaciones se actualizarán cada semana.


    Estamos listos y entusiasmados por brindarles a sus estudiantes una nueva experiencia de aprendizaje. Tenga paciencia con nosotros, ya que esto es nuevo para todos nosotros y estaremos resolviendo algunos problemas, pero tenga la seguridad de que haremos lo mejor que podamos para usted y su (s) estudiante (s).


    Todavía hay muchas preguntas para las que aún no tengo las respuestas (graduación, programas de premios, deportes de primavera, etc.), pero estamos trabajando para encontrar soluciones. Esas soluciones se le comunicarán lo antes posible. Mientras tanto, continúe practicando el distanciamiento social, manténgase seguro y saludable.



    Shelly Genereux


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  • Kids First Health Care’s pediatric clinics in Commerce City and Westminster are open. Kids First’s school-based health centers will be closed until the schools reopen.


    Kids First is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and following guidance from Tri-County Health Department. If anything changes, Kids First will provide updates on their social media, website and phone.


    Please make sure to follow the following precautions:

    • Wash your hands often with soap and water
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissue, arm or sleeve
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects
    • Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
    • Get a flu shot if you haven’t gotten one this year
    • Stay home if you are sick except to seek medical care (make sure to call first).




    Las clínicas pediátricas de Kids First Health Care en Commerce City y Westminster están abiertas. Los centros de salud escolares de Kids First estarán cerrados hasta que las escuelas vuelvan a abrir.


    La clinica Kids First continúa monitoreando la situación de COVID-19 y siguiendo la guía del Departamento de Salud de Tri-County. Si algo cambia, Kids First proporcionará información actualizada en sus medios sociales, sitio web y teléfono.


    Por favor, asegúrese de seguir las siguientes recomendaciones:

    • Lávese las manos a menudo con agua y jabón
    • Cubrir la tos y los estornudos con un pañuelo, un brazo o una manga
    • Evite tocarse los ojos, la nariz o la boca
    • Limpiar y desinfectar las superficies y objetos que se tocan con frecuencia
    • Evite el contacto cercano con cualquier persona con síntomas de resfrío o gripe
    • Vacúnese contra la gripe si no lo ha hecho este año.
    • Quédese en casa si está enfermo, excepto para buscar atención médica (asegúrese de llamar primero).
    • Kids first clinic
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  • Art show

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  • Old Chicago

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  • Canceled event

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  • Dear Brighton High School Families, 


    In April, students in Colorado public schools will complete state testing. 9th grade students will take the PSAT9, 10th grade students will take the PSAT10, 11th grade students will complete the SAT and 11th grade Science CMAS assessment (The Colorado Measures of Academic Success). Please visit our school website for more information Beginning with the class of 2021 students may obtain their Graduation Demonstration by scoring a 470 in English and a 500 in Math on their SAT. 

    11th grade students completing the SAT have the option to also complete the additional Essay portion of the SAT by signing up at by February 18, 2020. Some Colleges and Universities require the optional essay portion of the exam and we encourage students to research their College to determine if it is an entrance requirement.


    10th and 11th grade students can also elect to complete the Student Data Consent From, by completing this form prior to testing, students will have the opportunity to connect with potential College and Scholarship opportunities. Sign up by visiting the assessment page of the BHS website and completing the Student Data Consent Form by March 31, 2020. 


    Each year, parents consider whether or not to have their students participate in state assessments.  Prior to the assessment window, we ask that you consider the following information as part of your decision process.  School District 27J is in the business of educating students. We are preparing our students to have the knowledge and skills for their future college and career choices. The results from the CMAS, PSAT, and SAT assessments provide:

    • Valuable information about student achievement toward grade level expectations
    • Evidence of student growth from one school year to the next
    • Evidence of the skills and competencies necessary for college and career readiness

    The results of the assessment are utilized by the School District 27J Community in the following ways:

    • Students and parents can identify areas of strength and improvement 
    • High School students can use the PSAT and SAT results to support decisions around high school course selections including advanced coursework options
    • District-level administration utilizes the results to determine the effectiveness of curriculum and instructional practices which support decisions that are made with regard to professional development and the use of resources.
    • State determines the school performance framework and rating


    As provided by Colorado State Law, parents are allowed to excuse their child from taking CMAS, PSAT and SAT. If you choose to excuse your child from participating in state assessments please complete the link here before April 1, 2020:


    Thank you in advance for your support!  If you have additional questions, please contact Jenn Minor, School Assessment Coordinator, or 303-655-4151.



    Jenn Minor 

    Student Assessment Coordinator Brighton High School



    Estimadas familias de la Preparatoria Brighton, 


    En abril, los estudiantes en las escuelas públicas de Colorado completarán la prueba estatal. Los estudiantes del noveno grado tomarán la prueba PSAT9,  el décimo grado tomará la prueba PSAT10, el undécimo grado SAT y la prueba estatal CMAS de ciencias (CMAS - Medidas de los logros Académicos en Colorado).  Por favor visite nuestro sitio web para más información Para los estudiantes que se graduarán en el 2021 ellos deberán demostrar en su prueba SAT una puntuación de 470 en inglés y 500 en matemáticas.

    Los estudiantes del undécimo grado que tomen SAT tienen la opción de hacer la porción adicional de redacción en SAT al inscribirse a: Algunas de las universidades de dos años y las de 4 exigen que tomen la porción de reacción y animamos a los estudiantes a que investiguen en la universidad a la que quieren ir para determinar si esta prueba es obligatoria para su ingreso. 


    El alumnado del 10 y 11 puede elegir completar la Forma de Permiso para la obtención de datos del estudiante, antes de tomar la prueba, ellos tendrán la oportunidad de conectarse con la universidad a la que potencialmente quieren asistir y también tener la oportunidad para obtener becas. El estudiante debe registrarse en la página de evaluaciones en el sitio web de BHS para completar la forma de permiso para la obtención de datos del estudiante.


    Cada año, los padres pueden considerar si el estudiante participa en las pruebas estatales o no. Antes del período de evaluaciones, les pedimos que consideren la información siguiente como parte de su decisión. El Distrito Escolar 27J está en el negocio de educar a los estudiantes. Los estamos preparando para que tengan los conocimientos y las aptitudes para las opciones futuras de sus estudios universitarios o de una carrera técnica. Los resultados de  CMAS, PSAT, y SAT proporcionan lo siguiente:

    • Información valorable sobre el aprovechamiento del estudiante que es esperado al nivel de grado
    • Evidencias del crecimiento académico del estudiante de un año al otro
    • Evidencias de las aptitudes y competencias necesarias para demostrar que está preparado para la universidad y/o una carrera técnica 

    Los resultados de la evaluación son utilizados entre la comunidad del Distrito Escolar 27J de estas formas: 

    • Los estudiantes y los padres pueden identificar las áreas fuertes del estudiante y las áreas donde tienen que mejorar 
    • Los estudiantes de la prepa pueden usar los resultados de PSAT y SAT para decidir los cursos que deben tomar incluyendo los cursos avanzados. 
    • La administración a nivel del distrito utiliza los resultados para determinar la eficiencia del plan de estudios y las prácticas de enseñanza para apoyar las decisiones tomadas en cuanto a la capacitación profesional y el uso de recursos 
    • El estado determina el rendimiento de la escuela y la clasificación 


    La ley del estado de Colorado le permite a los padres que excusen a sus hijos de las pruebas CMAS, PSAT y SAT. Si ustedes eligen que sus hijos no participen en las evaluaciones estatales por favor hagan clic en este enlace::


    ¡De antemano les damos las gracias por su apoyo! Si tienen preguntas adicionales, por favor comuniquese con Jenn Minor, Coordinadora de evaluaciones Escolares al, o al 303-655-4151.



    Jenn Minor 

    Coordinadora de evaluaciones escolares de la Preparatoria Brighton



    Grado que tomará la prueba

    Horario de clases

    Opciones de transporte y comidas


    Semana del 9 de abril 2020





    La prueba comienza a las 8:30 AM  y termina aproximadamente a las 12:30 PM. Los estudiantes que tomarán la redacción de SAT** o aquellos que reciben acomodaciones terminarán más tarde. NO habrán clases después de la prueba. NO hay clases para los alumnos de 9, 10 y 12 grado.

    Se servirá comida en la cafetería de la escuela de las 12:00-2:00

    Los camiones se irán de BHS a su horario normal de las 4:32 

    Jenn Minor




    9° y 10° 

    La prueba comienza a las 8:30 AM y termina aproximadamente a la 12:00. NO hay clases después después de la prueba. NO hay clases para los estudiantes del 11 y 12 grado. Los estudiantes que reciben acomodaciones saldrán más tarde.  

    Se servirá comida en la cafetería de la escuela de las 12:00-2:00

    Los camiones salen de BHS a su horario normal de las 4:32 

    Jenn Minor



    Horario de clases normal para TODOS los estudiantes. 

    La clase del 12 grado tiene una junta durante su clase de asesoramiento 



    CMAS ciencias


    La prueba comienza a las 8:30 AM y termina a las 12:00. NO hay clases después de la prueba. NO hay clases para los estudiantes del 9, 10 y 12 grado 

    No hay transporte por la tarde 

    Jenn Minor

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  • A group of our seventeen-year-olds will represent thousands of others across the country on April 9, 2020! Known as The Nation’s Report Card, NAEP is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what students in the United States know and can do in a variety of subjects. Learn more at

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  • Yearbook Order Form

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  • Attention BHS Students and Parents: 


    *IMPORTANT* The Cap & Gown is NOT covered under senior class student fees. The students will order their cap & gown directly through Herff Jones.


    An in-school order day will be held on Wednesday, October 30th from 10am – 4:30pm. During this time, the students will be able to get fitted/order their Cap & Gown, class ring, graduation announcements, letter jackets & senior apparel.


    If your family is unable to attend the in-school order day, you will be able to order the cap & gown as well as any other graduation regalia (graduation announcements, class rings, senior apparel, etc.) online at


    The cost for the cap and gown is $42.00.  The gown is a rental but students will keep their cap & tassel.


    Orders may also be placed over the phone by calling: (970) 663-2668. 

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  • Attention Students:

    Brighton High School has a new policy that you need to be aware of:


    • Beginning on Tuesday, October 15th, students will no longer be able to re–enter the building, until the bell rings. (This is in effect, every period of the day)
    • Students who have a hall pass, completed and signed by a teacher, will be allowed entrance but must have it verified, by a campus supervisor at the kiosk. 
    • If you are tardy, you must check in to the kiosk. The campus supervisor will give you a tardy pass but…3 tardies = 1 detention.
    • Please make sure that you are prepared for the weather before you exit the building! 


    This policy is subject to change as deemed necessary.

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  • No Place for hate school

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  • Senior Picture Information

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  • Vape Policy

    File: JICG -2 


    School districts are required by law to have a policy prohibiting student use or possession of tobacco at school and in related locations as described in Superintendent Policy JK – Student Code of Conduct. Parents or students who have concerns or questions about student tobacco, nicotine and drug issues are encouraged to contact a school counselor or mental health provider, school administration, or District administration to discuss resources that may be available to assist them. 

    1. Violations. State and federal law and District Policy prohibit the use or possession of any tobacco or nicotine product or controlled substance on school property. This includes marijuana, even if legally purchased through retail establishments or prescribed. 

    The use or possession of any delivery mechanism or device that could be used for the consumption, ingestion, inhalation or application of tobacco or nicotine products or controlled substances is prohibited on school grounds. This includes without limitation pipes, hookah pens, vaporizers, and electronic cigarettes. In addition to violating District Policy, such devices compromise the health and well-being of students and staff members, and their use on school grounds is disruptive to the learning environment. Because such devices may be used with either tobacco or nicotine products or with controlled substances, disciplinary consequences more severe than are imposed for tobacco/nicotine products are warranted. 

    1. Consequences and Interventions. The typical progression of interventions for violations of 

    this policy will be as follows: 

    2.1 1st Offense – Education about the policy should be provided and student may be suspended out of school for up to one (1) day. Alternative to suspension opportunities may be considered by school administration as described in District Policy JKD – Student Due Process. The device will be confiscated and will only be returned to parents upon request.

    2.2 2nd Offense – Student may be suspended for up to three (3) days in or out of school. Alternative to suspension opportunities may be considered by school administration as described in District Policy JKD – Student Due Process. The device will be confiscated.

    2.3 3rd Offense – Student may be suspended up to five (5) days. 

    1. Using, possessing or being under the influence of tobacco, nicotine or controlled substances are separate offenses that may warrant discipline in addition to the consequences described above and as set forth in the applicable District Policies 

    Adopted: August 2, 2019 

    LEGAL REFS: C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1) (bb) (1) C.R.S. 25-14-103.5 (6) 

    CROSS REFS: IHAM, Health Instruction 

    File: JICG -2 

    KFA, Public Conduct on District Property JK, Student Code of Conduct JKD, Student Due Process JICG, Student Tobacco and Nicotine Violations JICH, Student Drug and Alcohol Violations 

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  • office hours

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  • 2019-2020 Updated Cell Phone Policy

    We believe students should be fully engaged in their learning.  For that reason, neither students nor staff should be using cell phones during class for non-academic reasons.  Teachers are expected to address this off-task behavior just as they would any other off-task behavior by utilizing the steps outlined below.


    District 27J Cell phone Policy - JICI

    Use of Cell Phones on School Grounds:

    Student use/possession of a cell phone depends on the grade level of the student.  The following categories outline the grade levels and authorized use/possession of cell phones by students. No student, at any grade level, shall use a cell phone or electronic device to engage in, promote or facilitate any other conduct that violates the student code of conduct, other superintendent policies or regulations, or state or federal law. If the building principal or designee believes a student’s possession or use of a cell phone or other electronic devices may involve a violation of the law, the building principal or designee may also refer the matter to

    law enforcement.


    1. Elementary Schools: Student use of cell phones is prohibited.  If a student is asked to carry a cell phone by parents (ie the student walks home and phone is for safety), the phone must be kept in a secure location until the end of the day.
    2. Middle Schools:  Students may use cell phones before and after school, as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption.  Use of cell phones during the school day is prohibited and they will be powered completely off, concealed and secured.
    3. High Schools: Students may use cell phones before and after school, as long as they do not create a distraction or disruption.  Students may also use cell phones during passing periods and during the lunch break, as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption or cause the student to be tardy for the next period.  During the entire class period, cell phones will be secured in lockers, backpacks, or vehicles.

    Brighton High School Cell Phone Policy Expectations

    Cell phone usage during class time will not be permitted at Brighton High School.  All cell phones must be turned off or silenced and put away in lockers, backpacks or vehicles.. Cell phones pose a distraction to the classroom instruction and student’s ability to concentrate and focus on the learning at hand. 


    1st Offense - Cell phone confiscated by teacher/staff member and not returned to the student until the end of the class period.  Teacher/staff member calls parents/guardian to inform them of the incident & documents in IC.


    2nd Offense - Cell phone confiscated by teacher/staff member and taken to the main office to be held until the end of the day.  Student can pick up cell phone at the end of the day from the main office. Teacher/Staff member calls parents/guardian  to inform them of the incident & documents in IC.


    3rd Offense - Cell phone confiscated by teacher/staff member and taken to the main office for the parent to pick up.  A discipline referral is submitted to Administration through Infinite Campus for discipline action. Administration will call parents & document in IC.


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  • 2019-2020 Bell Schedule

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  • Class of 2023

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  • 2019-2020 Course Registration Infromation 

    Class of 2020

    Class of 2021

    Class of 2022

    Class of 2023

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