• Educator Salary


    27J Schools' educator compensation system is based on steps and lanes.


    Certified Staff: Teachers and special service providers earn more compensation through their years of supporting students and through additional education.  


    How many years of experience does 27J take for salary placement?   

    27J accepts 13 years of confirmed licensed education work experience.


    What kind of education credits does 27J take?

    27J accepts university transcripted credits for education lane placement.  27J does not accept professional development hours from other districts.  Educational credits start with your degree and any additional graduate semester credits earned after getting your last degree. 


    How often does 27J accept education credits for lane advancement?  

    Educational Increases in Sept/Oct and again in Jan/Feb if approved during union negotiations.


    Will 27J hire PERA retirees?

    27J will hire PERA retirees on a full-time basis for 1 year.   PERA retirees are eligible for medical benefits (not including vision and dental).   


    Salary Policy: Link   Salary Schedule:  Schedule Link


    What is the educator salary schedule starting salary?   For the 2023-2024 school year the starting salary is $52,002.   The schedule tops out at $106,640.  Salary increases are negotiated with the 27J Brighton Education Association (BEA) each spring.  


    How many leave days does 27J allocate to new hire educators?   8 temp leave days for the first three years; 9 temp leave days starting on year 4.   


    How many days do I work?  162.5 work days.  Educators work a 4-day week with one additional 1/2 day for professional development each month.


    How many student contact days are on the calendar?   150 student contact days.


    Non-Educator Salary

    Classified Job Types


    Classified Salary Schedule:  Link to Salary Schedule


    27J Schools' non-educator compensation system depends on the job type. 

    Classified staff positions are determined by FLSA analysis of the position.  Classified positions include secretaries, bus drivers, technicians, paraprofessionals, custodians, et al.   Pay is based on an hourly rate on the 27J classified pay schedule.  Placement is determined by comparing past work experience relevant to the job.   27J accepts up to 18 years of experience at a 2 for 1 ratio.  A candidate with 18 years of relevant experience can be placed at step 10 on the classified salary schedule.

    Exempt Job Types (Administrator/Professional Technical)

    Exempt Salary Schedule: Link to Salary Schedule

    Exempt status is determined by position analysis to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Positions that may qualify for exempt status include school administrators, directors, managers, accountants, and some technology department positions.   For exempt compensation 27J uses a salary schedule based on ranges.  Positions are placed in ranges by the market analysis of 27J’s compensation consultant every three years.  27J places new hires in the range based on consideration of “like” experience relative to current 27J staff in the same range.     27J uses minimum qualifications from the job description in hiring decisions but does not use qualifications/education for exempt salary placement.

    Substitute Positions

    Link to Salary Schedule


  • 27J is proud to offer a very competitive employee benefits and wellness package as compared to other Denver Metropolitan area & Colorado school districts.  Highlights of our offering include: a highly funded Health Savings Account, fully-paid employee-only premium on at least one of the Kaiser plans we offer; and fully-paid dental, vision, term life, and accidental death insurance.  We also offer an Employee Assistance Program and a staff wellness program.

    27J was one of the first Denver Metro school districts to implement a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  As a result, 27J Schools employees currently enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan have average HSA account balances of a little over $3,000, which they may use to pay for medical needs now and into the future – even if they no longer work for the District!

    Full-time employees may choose from one of two Kaiser health plans:  a DHMO-style plan with co-pays for office visits and prescriptions and a HDHP with very generous HSA funding by the district.  Learn more about how Kaiser works with 27J here.   Note: Certified positions at .8 and greater are benefited; classified positions of 30 hours and above are benefitted. 

    27J employees accumulate paid time off - called temporary leave - that accumulates year-to-year.  Employees will receive a cash payout of any unused temporary or vacation leave when the employee leaves the District.

    Employees can also voluntarily join the Sick Leave Bank. Employees become a “bank member” by donating some of their temporary leave to the bank, and then may continue receiving salary payments if they take extended leave due to a serious illness, injury, or birth/adoption of a child.  27J Schools contributes retirement funds to the Public Employees’ Retirement Association in lieu of Social Security.  Employees can voluntarily contribute retirement funds to the PERAPlus 401(k) Plan or a variety of 403(b) retirement plans.

    What kind of benefit plans does 27J offer?  27J has two plans: (1) A High Deductible Health Plan - HDHP; and, (2) Direct Health Maintenance Plan - DHMO.

    Health Plans: Link to 27J Health Pages

    What does the HDHP Health Savings Account mean for me?  

    On the HDHP 27J contributes $3,850 for Individuals / $7,750 for Families to the employee’s account.  This money is the employee’s money to use for health-related expenses.  The money stays with the employee regardless of 27J employment status.

    What other health benefits does 27J offer?   Dental, vision, and life insurance.

    Will 27J allow me to waive medical benefits?   Yes.   27J employees can waive medical benefits.  If you choose to waive medical coverage, you may enroll in or waive dental coverage, but you cannot waive vision coverage. Vision coverage is mandatory for all benefits-eligible employees.