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27J Schools Performance Dashboard

  • The 27J Performance Dashboard provides information about the health and performance of the 27J school system by taking into consideration the priority attributes for academics as well as climate and culture.

    The purpose of the dashboard is to communicate, tune in to, and deliver the outcomes that matter. Many of these metrics are in direct alignment with 27J School Board Global Ends. The 27J Dashboard supports continuous improvement towards prioritized goals. To access the 27J Dashboard, click here for Quarter 1 Performance. Click here for 2022-23 results: Q1 Performance, Q2 Performance, Q3 Performance, or Q4 Performance. Click the following links for 2021-22 results: Q1 Performance,  Q2 Performance, Q3 Performance, or Q4 Performance.

    1st Quarter overall health and performance  1st Quarter academic growth and performance  1st Quarter climate and culture  

    1st Quarter 2022-23 Overall Health and Performance

    1st Quarter Academic Growth and Performance 2022-23

    1st Quarter Climate and Culture 2022-23



    2nd quarter Overall Health and Performance2nd quarter Academic Growth and Performance2nd quarter Climate and Culture

    Q3 Overall Health and Performance Q3 Academic Growth and PerformanceQ3 Climate and Culture

    4th Quarter Overall Health and Performance 4th Quarter Academic Growth and Performance 4th Quarter Climate and Culture


2022 School Performance Frameworks

  • Each year, the Colorado Department of Education rates School Districts and Schools. The ratings are based on achievement and growth on state assessments and post-secondary readiness measures. These ratings are available through reports called District Performance Frameworks (DPFs) and School Performance Frameworks (SPFs). 

    Click here for the most recent District Performance Framework.

    Use the links below to access the most recent performance framework reports for any of our schools.