2021-22 Route Information Status

  • Bus route information (pickup times, stop locations) for elementary students will be available starting August 2 via the Student Bus Route Information page.

    Families of middle and high school bus riders will receive phone calls from Transportation staff confirming bus route information (pickup times, stop locations) starting July 29.

    Important: in compliance with federal regulation, masks will be required for any individual on board a 27J bus. 

    While we strive to provide transportation services for as many students as possible, due to a shortage of drivers there is a limited number of seats available. 

    All riders will have their route information confirmed—via e-Link for elementary riders or via phone call from Transportation staff for secondary riders—before accessing transportation services.

    If you have not received confirmation of services and route information for your student, your student will not be able to access transportation at this time.

     Tuesday, January 11, 2022


     Elementary  AM


    Middle/High School

    Route 49 is running 20 minutes late due to mechanical issues (7:01 a.m.)


2021-22 Registration Status

  • Bus registration for the 2021-22 school year is now closed as our Transportation team prepares route information for the start of the year. 

    • If your student is new to the 27J school district, please call the Transportation office at 303-655-2991 for assistance. 

    • If you are a parent/guardian of an elementary student (Preschool-fifth grade), we have seats available in specific areas.  Please call the Transportation office at 303-655-2991 for more information.

    • If you are a parent/guardian of a middle or high school student and you missed the June 30th registration deadline, our Middle School and High School routes are full. You can call the Transportation office at 303-655-2991 to be put on a waitlist. We will reevaluate our middle/high school routes after September 1, 2021 to see if there are any seats available. 

    We are hopeful that we will be able to re-open registration, on a case-by-case basis, after September 1st.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Transportation - Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Edie Dunbar Transportation Director edunbar@sd27j.net 303-655-2990
Terri Hernandez Transportation Secretary thernandez@sd27j.net 303-655-2993
Revetta Duran Compliance Coordinator rduran@sd27j.net 303-655-2963
Cherie Barringer Dispatcher/PM Trip Scheduler cbarringer@sd27j.net 303-655-8993
Sandra O'Shaughnessy Route Coordinator soshaughnessy@sd27j.net 303-655-8998
Elud Archuleta Special Education Transportation Coordinator earchuleta@sd27j.net 303-655-2963
Sally McIntosh & Cynthia Lovell Training Supervisor smcintosh@sd27j.net clovell@sd27j.net 303-655-2963
Ted Chavez Mechanic Supervisor tchavez@sd27j.net 303-655-2877
Kathy Lockett Fleet Clerk Specialist klockett@sd27j.net 303-655-2877
Karen Geer Parts Controller kgeer@sd27j.net 303-655-2877
Rob Koehler Technician rkoehler@sd27j.net 303-655-2992
Xavier Leal Special Education Router xleal@sd27j.net 720-685-7679
Jen Crum Attendance & Fees jcrum@sd27j.net 303-655-8997
Lorinda Morgan Dispatcher/AM Trip Scheduler Lmorgan@sd27j.net 303-655-8992