• Research shows that students who are exposed to workplace experiences while in high school are more likely to graduate from high school and more successful in life after high school. It is with this intention that Prairie View High School is seeking businesses and organizations to partner with us towards providing a range of experiences such as clinical experiences, internships, and apprenticeships.To learn how to participate in our programs please contact our CTE/Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Veronica Washburn at 720-685-1792 or email vwashburn@sd27j.net

    To learn more about 27J Schools Work-Based Learning opportunities click  SD27J Work-Based Learning  

    Advantages for employers: 

    1. Employers are exposed to potential employees for positions within their company. 
    2. Employers teach students the nature of business, creating potential customers.
    3. Employers encourage students to seek employment in our community. 
    4. Employers make an impact on the lives of our young people.

    Advantages for students to participate in internship

    1. Students are exposed to career options.
    2. Students gain experience in professional settings.
    3. Students learn from community and business leaders.
    4. Students can earn credit towards graduation.