• 27J Schools offers a paid school psychology internship program for specialist-level and doctoral students enrolled in an accredited school psychology training program.  The 27J Schools School Psychology Internship Program provides prospective school psychologists with an opportunity to integrate knowledge acquired through coursework and practica into a coherent set of professional competencies. The program is designed to meet the internship standards of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the certification requirements of the Colorado Department of Education. The internship requirement is one academic year of full-time work. 

    The breadth of training and the varied work experiences of our staff psychologists provide unique opportunities for interns to receive supervision from professionals with a variety of theoretical orientations. In addition to field-based experiences and individual supervision, the program provides opportunities for interns to participate in a group seminar and to benefit from a variety of professional development activities. 

    The number of interns accepted for the program is limited in order to provide quality supervision and training experiences. The department views the internship program as helping fulfill its responsibility to contribute to the school psychology profession, not as a means of supplementing existing staff.

    For inquiries, contact Kristin Hanson-Hofman

    Phone: 303-655-2900  Email: khansonhofmann@sd27j.net