• Please complete this form in its entirety. Please read the information below, your signature at the bottom of the form indicates that you understand all of the information to exempt your student from the state assessments.


    Students who are excused from a state assessment by parental request:

    - Will NOT receive a score for that assessment

    - Will NOT have negative consequences imposed as a result of their excusal from state assessments.

    - Will NOT have standardized test scores which are frequently used to determine placement in courses/programs and to identify specific instructional needs of students. If a student does not take the annual state assessments, parents/legal guardians will need to work closely with educators to make decisions supporting their child.


    By completing this form your student will be excused from taking the following assessments. I understand that this request for exemption from state assessments is valid for this school year only and applies only to the state assessments that are applicable to my child that I have selected below.


    Dates of testing:

    PSAT 9/10: Tuesday, April 14th (Make-ups on April 28th)

    SAT 11: Tuesday April 14th (Make-ups on April 28th)

    CMAS 11: Thursday, April 16th (Make-ups on April 22nd)