Quist Middle School PTO
  • Join us every month for our Parent Engagement Network, followed up by our PTO meeting. 
    Meeting dates:
    September 13
    October 4
    November 1
    December 6
    January 10
    February 7
    March 6
    April 3
    May 1
  • The PTO’s mission is to provide an authentic parent voice by establishing a collaborative relationship between Quist Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members.  PTO members will work closely with Quist Staff and together will uniquely identify the school’s growing needs, ways to benefit our students and staff, and support our community.  Therefore, PTO is happy to announce the new and improved Quist Middle School Sponsorship Program for the 2023-2024 school year!

    Meet your board members:

    President - Kristi Donovan
    Treasurer - Kristina Naclerio
    Secretary - Anne Bromley
    PTO Volunteer Coordinator - Alishia Kinsey
    Royal Patrol Coordinator - Jen Yruegas
    School Accountability Coordinator - Laura Gold
    Spirit Night Coordinator - Ariel Aranda
    Donation Coordinator - Angelique McMillan
    Hospitality Coordinators - Warren Campbell, Stefanie Ross, Angela Sims
    Committee at Large - Gerika Burgos, Shannon Hjelman, Starr Trujillo
    Teacher/Staff Liasions - Erin Knoettgen-Nap, Candie Petersen
    You can contact us via email at quistmiddleschoolpto@gmail.com.