Community Service

  • As part of each student's requirements for graduation, five hours of community service must be performed for each year or partial year of attendance at Riverdale Ridge High School. Community service work can not take place during the regular school day. Students may not receive pay or academic credit for community service. Court-ordered or disciplinary service may not count for community service. Community service must be completed with a non-profit or governmental agency that is providing a service directly to the community (not a for-profit business). Students are encouraged to use this service opportunity to explore potential career interests. If you have any questions about what will count for community service, it is best to check with your counselor before completing hours. Hours that do not meet the above requirements will not count toward the graduation requirement. Please return a completed form for each volunteer experience to your counselor.


    You may click this link to learn about some volunteer opportunities with the city of Thornton.

Volunteering Opportunities
  • Volunteer Match
  • Community Service Form