• Hello Innovations & Options Families,

    We are reaching out to you in regards to standardized testing for this semester. We need your help, please read through this letter and then complete the form (link at the bottom) IF your family chooses not to participate. It is imperative that we plan appropriately for the number of students and cohort needs (remote or in person) this testing season. 

    The week of April 13th-16th students will be completing standardized tests according to grade:

    9th grade ~ PSAT9

    10th grade ~ PSAT10

    11th grade ~ SAT & CMAS Science

    Important Information:

    • All students will have to test in person, there is no remote testing option.
    • All students and staff must wear a mask and will go through the Covid screener.
    • Each cohort will have separate entry/exit and testing areas.
    • More specific information (schedule, entry/exit, etc) will be provided closer to the test date for those families that choose to test.


    Here is some additional information to help you engage in conversation as a family:

    • PSAT helps prepare students for SAT as the same knowledge and skills are assessed and students become familiar with test format and procedures.
    • PSAT scores provide students with information about their progress towards College and Career Readiness.
    • PSAT and SAT score reports also provide helpful information when deciding course choices.
    • PSAT and SAT results are often considered and required for scholarship applications.
    • SAT scores have been included as part of the admission process to colleges and universities.
      • In Colorado, and many other states, the need for SAT scores is currently waived for many colleges and universities for admission. If your child is planning on attending college or university, in or out of state, it is best to verify with the specific organization to learn more about current and future admission requirements.
    • SAT scores are utilized as one indicator of College and Career Readiness.
      • For the class of 2022, SAT will be one way students could demonstrate college and career readiness needed for graduation.

    Any parent/guardian that wishes to exempt their student from testing must complete the following form: https://forms.gle/vGmSBBmZm8LCZ3sX6

    We are asking families to please respond by the priority deadline of Wednesday, February 24th.

    If you have any questions please contact:

    RocAnn Smith rsmith@sd27j.net