• As a community, we are all adjusting to having a full building of kids at one time. This is leading to increased traffic at morning and afternoon drop off than we have not been used to for a while. 

    Below is the procedure for Pick Up/Drop Off

    - We need everyone to pull forward all the way to the end of the drop off lane. By everyone pulling forward all the way, this will allow for a smoother flow of traffic. Please do not stop in front of the grade level door to drop off your student. 

    -There are no left turns onto Joplin during pick up and drop off. Signs are posted that left turns cannot be made during this time. Please turn right and help keep traffic flowing. 

    - Please do not park in front of the no parking zone in front of the park. Please do not block the houses right across the street from Stuart. 

    - There is no drop off or pick up in the back of the bus lane. This is a safety issue as we have lots of students walking back there. 

    -Please see the attached map for a visual on the drop off/pick up procedure. 


    Pick Up/Drop Off