Open Enrollment - Choice of Schools Information

2021-2022 Open Enrollment

  • School Boundary Locator

    2021-2022 Elementary School Boundary Area Map

    2021-2022 Middle School Boundary Area Map

    2021-2022 High School Boundary Area Map

    27J Schools allows any student to apply to attend any 27J school/program on a space/program available basis.

    If you wish for your student to attend his/her boundary area school (by primary address), or if your student is currently enrolled at his/her school of choice, there is no need to complete the Application for Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools.

    • Applications for Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools will be available beginning January 12th, 2021.
      • Applications submitted through February 12th will receive priority consideration, and parents will be notified of the status of their applications by March 12th.

      • Applications received after February 12th will receive secondary consideration depending on space/program availability following placement of students with priority applications.

    All applications will be addressed on a space available, first come, first served basis and in accordance with 27J Schools policy and the conditions specified above. 
    All district-managed schools will be accepting open enrollment applications during the priority consideration period, however, Reunion Elementary, Quist Middle School, and Brighton High School will have very limited space available.

    The District does not provide transportation for students attending schools outside their boundary area.
    Note to parents of students with disabilities: Open Enrollment–Choice of Schools is open to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities, however, may not choice into a center-based program as this can only be achieved through the IEP process.

    Note to parents of preschool students: Parents enrolling their child in 27J's preschool program will NOT need to submit an Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools application. Please visit Preschool for enrollment information.
    Please contact charter schools directly for their registration process.

    Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools. If you have specific questions regarding where your student will be enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year, please include your student's name and primary address.

  • Definitions:
    In District Student – the student lives within the 27J Schools boundary
    Out of District Student – the student lives outside the 27J Schools boundary
    School Boundary (Attendance) Area – Each District-managed school has a geographic area assigned to it that is the school’s boundary area. Students are assigned to a school’s boundary area based on the student’s primary residence address. Boundary Locator.

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