How You Can Support School Safety

  • School safety is a whole community effort. Here are some steps families can take to support their child’s school:

  • Reinforce with your child the importance of taking emergency drills seriously

    Every school in 27J conducts drills in order to teach and reinforce safety procedures during emergencies. Participating in these drills helps students, staff, administrators, and first responders practice emergency response procedures. Students should take all drills seriously and follow instructions in order to ensure they are prepared in case a real life incident occurs on their campus.


    Create a home safety plan

    Creating a home safety plan will help your family be prepared for potential disasters and reinforce the importance of emergency preparedness. Talking with your family about home and school safety plans will help your children be prepared for an emergency.

    For more information about home safety plans, visit Make A Plan |


    Check that all emergency contacts are updated and accurate in Infinite Campus

    During an emergency, information and updates will be sent to families via auto-dialer, text, and / or email. Checking that contact information is updated and accurate will ensure you receive information during and after an incident.

    In addition, it is important that emergency contacts and family information is updated in the event that a reunification is required at the school or at another location. In the event of a reunification, students can only be released to family members listed in Infinite Campus.


    Avoid sharing rumors or speculation on social media during an active incident

    During an emergency, it is common for inaccurate rumors to circulate on social media. Generally this information comes from questionable or non-official sources. We urge all parents and guardians to only share information that comes from official 27J sources or credible news outlets. Sharing inaccurate information only makes it harder for official information to be distributed to those impacted by the incident.


    Be patient during and after an emergency

    Waiting for information and the resolution of an emergency is nerve wracking for families and the broader community. Please be prepared to exercise patience while waiting for updates and to be reunited with your child. Do not call the school or district to ask for information; communication will be sent out as soon as possible. Calling the school and district may tie up phone lines and make responding to the emergency more challenging.

    Schools across the district may be affected during an emergency. Even if an incident does not directly affect your child’s school, there may be impacts to the operations of other schools as resources may be needed for response. Schools may also take proactive measures such as going into a Secure to keep students safe until the emergency elsewhere is resolved. Please understand that the school and district is working hard to keep students and staff safe, and will try to limit disruptions to other schools as much as possible.


    Follow the accountability measures put in place following an incident

    Some incidents may require students to be reunited with families in a more controlled way. Families may need to come to the school or another site with photo identification in order to pick up their child following an emergency. If a reunification is required at the school site or at another location, instructions for pick up will be sent to families. Please follow all directions and be patient–school and district personnel will be working hard to keep students safe and bring families together as quickly as possible.