Student Fees for 22/23

  • New this year!
    The process for paying your student's fees has changed. 
    1. You will now go into your parent portal login or student login in Infinite Campus
    2. Go to payments
    3. From there you will see your student fees and move the fee you would like to pay to the cart and checkout.

    You can use the 22/23 27J Fee Schedule to estimate your student fees, based on your student’s grade, athletic participation, and class schedule so you can begin to plan/save to pay your fees once allocated.  Fees will not be allocated until October 1, 2022 this year and are due once allocated in Inifinte Campus/Parent Portal.  A reminder: students are required to pay fees in full in order to participate in sports and activities, attend field trips, as well as to walk in graduation ceremonies. Please make plans to settle all student fees, in full, once allocated.  

    For Free/Reduced lunch applications and information, please see the district webpage under Nutrition Services.  Make sure you completely fill out the forms, especially the check boxes on the back regarding the waiving of school fees.

    Athletic participation fees are due prior to the start of the first practice for each sport.

    Chromebook Fees

    All information about Chromebook use, care, and cost can be found here.

    Missing Chromebook
    Full price charged on student account $335 For Online Academy students: replace fee is $710

    Stolen Chromebook
    No charge as long as a police report is submitted within 14 days.

    Broken Chromebook
    1st replacement: no charge 2nd replacement: no charge (insurance deductible paid by tech fee) 3rd replacement: full price charged to student account $335/$710 for OLA students ***Documented, intentional student breakage or damage can lead to a full charge or assessment of fees below

    Chromebook Screen
    $50, broken

    Chromebook Keyboard
    $40, broken

    Missing Chromebook Charger (should have a Dell label and be 65w)
    Full price charges on student account, $30

    Stolen Chromebook Charger
    No charge as long as a police report is submitted within 14 days

    Broken Chromebook Charger
    $30 charge for each replacement
    $30 charge for non-Dell charger returned