RRHS General Supply List

  • Students should be prepared with the following supplies for the first day of school:

    Basic Supplies for All Students

    • Backpack or book bag with a laptop sleeve (to protect school issued chromebooks)
      • Note: Students will be permitted to carry bookbags into classrooms and throughout the building during the school day
    • Pens  (blue or black ink)
    • #2 Pencils or mechanical pencils
    • Colored pencils (students cannot share classroom supplies this year)
    • Erasers
    • One spiral bound notebook paper for each class is recommended
    • Graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus preferred) 
      • Note: Students will need to use a graphing calculator only for state assessments, chromebooks are not allowed during these assessments.  This calculator will meet the needs for all math courses and may be used in their post-secondary studies as well.
      • TI-84 or a Scientific calculator is necessary for Chemistry courses
    • Optional: Ruler 6' or 12' (Metric and English)

    Physical Education (PE) Uniforms and Gym Shoes

    Students enrolled in PE courses will need athletic gym shoes in order to participate each day.  Families may choose to purchase an inexpensive pair of gym shoes that students can wear for PE.

    Additional Supplies (Required for specific courses)

    Your teachers will inform you during the first days of class if there are additional supplies needed for their courses.

    Optional Supplies (Not required, but helpful)

    • Pocket folder and/or three-ring binder
    • Small container of hand sanitizer
    • Pocket tissues

    Families who need assistance with securing items should contact the counseling office.

    Chromebook Distribution Details

    RRHS, along with School District 27J, utilizes a One-2-Web platform for instruction and learning for our young scholars to ensure they have access to the tools and resources essential to learning for the year 2041 and beyond.  Returning students will need to bring their school Chromebook they used the previous year.  New and 9th grade students will be issued a Chromebook on Thursday, August 10th.  All students are issued a Chromebook enabling our young scholars access to all educational tools in & outside of the classroom.  For most classes, students will not be issued textbooks as all the materials for core content classes are being migrated to digital resources in 27J.  Teachers will leverage the One-2-Web platform to enrich, engage, & develop student learning through the appropriate, and relevant, use of technology.

    Technology will be used when it is the best educational tool. However, not all learning happens on a screen.  Teachers will use the best research-based instructional practices (high-tech, low-tech, no-tech) to expose students to a variety of learning experiences and to prepare them for future post-secondary endeavors (careers/college/armed services/etc.).

    A $55 per year fee for use, maintenance, insurance and licensing will be assessed to all students.  To offset this fee, many core class fees were eliminated or reduced. 

    Detailed information on 27J issued Chromebooks, including information on Chromebook Damage/Repair Insurance for families, is available by clicking on the following link: One-2-Web Family Guide

    As part of our safe school actions, Students CANNOT substitute a school/district issued Chromebook with a personal device as they are not allowed access to all materials necessary to support classroom learning, as well as being unable to connect to the district wifi network.