Student Lockers

  • Student Lockers

    RRHS provides hallway (school) lockers on a request basis for students wanting a locker.  All students using a locker must complete the request form linked below and follow the policy regarding use of the locker.


    Due to security, the Locker Request form must be completed using the student's 27j login. Students can obtain lockers at any time throughout the year.

    Hallway Lockers

    Lockers are available on a limited basis for students to store school-related materials and clothing.  School lockers are the property of Riverdale Ridge High School/SD27J and may be searched at any time, without notice and at the discretion of the school administrators.

    Students are responsible for their lockers and can be held liable for the contents and for any vandalism which occurs to their lockers.  Riverdale Ridge HS is not responsible for items lost or stolen from student lockers.

    Students requesting and using lockers are expected to:

    • Ensure lockers are kept clean and free from damage
      • Use of removable stickers, shelves, bins, etc. is permitted but if not removed properly or if damage occurs to the locker from such items, students may be assessed a fine
    • Report any problems with their locker or combination lock to a campus supervisor
    • Secure their lockers after each use (spin the dial on the lock to ensure the lock is secure)
    • Prevent others from using or damaging their locker
      • Students are responsible for the content of their lockers even if it is stored/placed in the locker by another party
    • Remove and clean their locker at the end of the school year
      • All articles left in hallway lockers after the close of the school year will be donated or discarded