concurrent enrollment
  • Counseling Meetings February 8th

    Concurrent Enrollment Meeting 5:45-6:45 PM (Auditorium)

    Please join counselors for this meeting if your student is interested in receiving college credit through Front Range Community College while in high school. During this time, counselors will go over Concurrent Enrollment and how it works. We will also briefly go over the steps for applying to Front Range Community College which is necessary to take concurrent enrollment classes on our campus. RRHS currently offers Concurrent Enrollment for English, Math, Sociology and Psychology.


    Early Separation Meeting 6:45-7:45 PM (Auditorium)

    Counselors are offering an Early Separation interest meeting for any current sophomores and juniors looking to complete their high school requirements before their anticipated graduation date. This is a mandatory step for students looking to separate at the end of their junior year or middle of their senior year. During this time counselors will go over what it means to separate early and next steps students and families need to take to be prioritized for this process.