• Dance Details

      Date: Saturday, April 13
      Time: 7-10pm
      Location: COMING SOON!
      Tickets: $40/pre-sale, $50/at-door; tickets can be purchased through the 5-Star Students app or during A & B lunches at the Box Office from April 2 - April 12 .
      Parking: COMING SOON

      ID CHECKS - All attendees must present their student ID at the door. Guests will also be checked for completed guest pass at door. No guest passes will be accepted at the door.

      Important Dates

      Guest Passes DueNEW THIS YEAR! Guest passes aren't due until the week of the dance! Wednesday, 4.10, 1pm
      Final Eligibility Release: Friday, 3.29
      Eligibility Appeals Deadline:  Wednesday, 4.10
      Ticket Pre-Sales: Tuesday, 4.2 - Friday, 4.12, 4:22pm
      At-Door Sales: Saturday, 4.13, 6:30-9:30pm


      Guest Passes

      All guests who are not eligible students of Riverdale Ridge High School will need to complete an RRHS Event Guest Pass.

      • RRHS Event Guest Passes can be picked up in the main office
      • Completed forms with a copy of the guest's current school ID or a copy of their driver's license should be returned to the front desk by Wednesday, April 10th, 1pm, for verification
      • Guest Pass Tickets can be purchased using the 5 Star Students app or in person ONCE YOUR GUEST PASS HAS BEEN APPROVED
      • guests must arrive with host students for admittance
      • all guest pass questions should be directed to admin; SLT does not manage guest pass approvals



      All eligible students of Riverdale Ridge are allowed to attend dances. Eligibility is defined by the criteria in the Raven Handbook.

      RRHS school dances are open to all RRHS students with the exception of prom. Guests over the age of 14 (9th Grade) and under the age of 21 are permitted with ADVANCED approval from school administration. Student IDs will be checked in order to gain admission into any Riverdale Ridge High School student activity or school dance.

      In order to attend an RRHS dance, students are expected to have:

      • 90% or better attendance from the beginning of Quarter 1 or Quarter 3 until the date of the dance
      • No violations during the current school year of any of the RRHS/27j drug, alcohol, physical altercations, or weapons policies.

      Final Eligibility will be communicated to students in Advisory on Friday, 3.29. 

      Eligiibility Appeals can be made using this form: appeals must be made by Wednesday, 4.10, 1pm

      Eligibility will be verified when purchasing tickets.

      Waivers or corrections to eligibility WILL NOT be made for at-door purchases on the night of the dance.

      All eligibility questions should be directed towards admin: SLT does not manage eligibility.


      Behavior Expectations

      All guests are expected to abide by the rules and policies of Riverdale Ridge High School and 27j Schools.

      Students and/or their guests found to be in violation of dance guidelines will be removed from the dance and refunds will not be provided.

      Once students leave, they may not re-enter the venue.