Achievement at Northeast

  • Dear Northeast Families,
    This is an exciting year to be at Northeast. For the first time, Northeast beat the district and state benchmark for reading growth. In math growth, Northeast beat the district average and matched the state benchmark. Overall writing growth jumped six points. We are officially, by state benchmark, growing kids. We continue to work to grow every student to proficiency. Fourth grade reading proficiency was the highest in Northeast history, scoring within 3 points of the district average. Third grade reading dropped, but still beat the school district average. Of course, we have more work to do. We all must be accountable and work together to help all our children learn and grow.
    Our International Baccalaureate program (I.B for short) is in full swing. Northeast will be the first I.B. school in the Brighton area. We are on track to be authorized during the 2014-2015 school year. As I write this letter, our teachers are creating lessons around central ideas that include:
    Equilibrium is maintained by the efficient use of power both in science and in our personal lives (2nd grade); The varying geography of regions provides opportunities and challenges (3rd grade); Human history and individual roles shape progress and innovation (4th grade). Migration and settlement are influenced by exploration and/or a change in circumstances (5th grade).
    Look for more I.B. information from your teacher and our I.B. coordinator, Bill Parker.
    This is set to be another great year at Northeast. Together, we make the difference!
    Michael Clow