• In order to maintain an efficient student transportation system, School District 27J charges transportation fees:

    1. A $20 per month transportation access fee will be charged to all non-exempt students wishing to be transported to and from school on a daily basis. There is $40 per month/per family cap. The fee will be charged for the months of October through May. The fee grants permission for the student to ride the bus and will be charged to all students who have been granted permission to ride a bus during a month whether they actually ride the bus or not.

    2. Students who were receiving transportation service during the month of May 2014 will be enrolled automatically and placed on a bus route.

    3.  Only students enrolled for transportation services and who have been assigned a route will be transported.

    4. Parents of students who did not ride last year or parents of new students that want to ride this year should contact the Transportation Department at 303-655-2991 or via e-mail at trans@sd27j.org.

    5. During the third or fourth week of school, students will be provided a School District 27J Bus Ridership Agreement by their bus driver. The form must be signed and returned to the driver by September 15. Students not returning the form by this date will not be allowed to ride the bus after September 30.

    6. Once a student is placed on a bus route, parents may remove their student from the route and discontinue transportation services by:

    a. Completing this form (English/Español) and delivering it to the:
    i. Transportation Department, or
    ii. Student's school
    b. E-mailing the Transportation Department at trans@sd27j.org.

    7. To avoid being billed for a succeeding month parents must submit the School Bus Discontinue Ridership Agreement form to the Transportation Department by the 15th day of the current month.

    8. Fees may be paid at the student's school or online by clicking here.