Achievement Questions

  • Northeast Achievement Questions:

    1. What is the growth model?
    The Colorado Department of Education replaced the old school accountability report (SAR) with a new model that looks at student growth in CSAP. Third grade CSAP scores are used as a baseline. Growth is calculated from CSAP scores in 4th grade and again in 5th grade.

    From CDE: School growth rates are determined by combining growth percentiles from individual students. Growth rates for individual students are calculated by comparing their Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) scores in reading, writing, and mathematics over consecutive years. These individual growth scores are combined into a single number: the school’s median growth percentile. Higher growth schools can be distinguished from lower growth schools by comparing median growth percentiles. Higher median growth percentiles indicate higher growth rates for students in those schools, regardless of the school’s achievement. For example, a low-achieving school can show high growth rates or a high-achieving school can show low growth rates. The growth model determines the percentage of students in each school growing at a sufficient rate to catch up, keep up or move up through achievement levels—and those that are not growing fast enough. This summary presents all results for three consecutive years, making it easy to see if there is a trend in the data, and how this trend might be changing. In some cases it is useful to compare one group with another, such as boysversus girls, to see if a gap exists in the growth.

    2. Colorado Department of Education FAQs