• Weather & Delays:
    During bad weather, the Transportation Services Department will provide the required transportation. However, services may have to be modified to insure students' safety and welfare. Traffic conditions may require students to spend additional time en route to and from school as well as special activities or programs.

    Regulations for Pupils Riding School Buses:
    It is important for all involved district administrators, school bus drivers, parents, and students to understand the rules that students are expected to follow. School bus transportation is authorized only for students who regularly enroll in public school.
    The 27J Transportation Services Department provides district students with the best and safest vehicles and drivers. We ask for your cooperation in helping to ensure that your child complies with the follow regulations:

    From Home to the Bus Stop:
    While waiting to board a bus here are a few things to keep in mind for everyone's safety!
    A) When leaving your home, go directly to your bus stop. Always leave home on time so you can walk to the bus stop and Arrive at your bus stop five (5) minutes ahead of the bus. The driver will NOT wait for you!
    B) Learn your route number and who your driver is. It is imperative that you use your ASSIGNED bus stop each day!
    C) Keep the roadway clear of books, clothing, and other articles. Never play in the path of traffic, and stand 10 feet away from the road when the bus approaches.
    D) Do NOT Damage property, such as flowers, shrubbery, windows, fences, and other items while waiting for the bus.
    E) Avoid making excessive noise.
    F) Remember that FIGHTING at bus stops, and/or on the way to and from a school bus stop, subjects the student to DISCIPLINARY ACTION (to be reported to the school Principal).
    G) Do NOT RUN alongside the bus when the bus is moving. Wait until the bus stops; then walk to the door and board the bus in an orderly manner. DO NOT PUSH OR SHOVE.  Respect others personal space.
    H) If you live on the opposite side of the road from a bus stop, wait on your side of the road until the bus arrives and the driver gives the signal to cross the road.
    Please note: In an effort to ensure student safety and reduce student management issues and concerns video cameras may be used to monitor students during transportation to and from school and after school activities.

    While Riding the Bus:
    Riding the school bus is a privilege. Repeated and/or serious misconduct can result in loss of riding privileges!
    1) Listen to the driver and the paraprofessional's instructions. The driver of a school bus is in complete charge of the passengers while they are aboard. The paraprofessional is on the bus to assist the driver and to help students with special needs. Both adults share in the care of your students. Any questions call transportation at 303/655/2991.
    2) Keep in mind the driver has the authority to assign seats.
    3) Be seated immediately, and remain seated until the break is set or until the driver gives the all clear.
    4) Extending arms, legs, or head out of the bus doors or windows is extremely dangerous, keep all body parts within the bus at all times!
    5) Use your inside voice;  so that you do not distract the driver.
    6) Hold books or backpacks on your lap; keeping the aslie clear at all time.
    7) Band instruments or other large objects will be allowed on the bus ONLY if the items can be held in the student's lap or secured by the driver.  Letting your driver know in advance when you know you will need to transport large school project/items is advised.
    8) Do NOT tamper with the emergency door, fire extinguisher, or other equipment on the bus.
    9) Skateboards may only be transported f they are completely concealed in a carrying bag which can be held on your laps or secured by the driver.
    10) Do NOT tamper with the emergency door, emergency window handles,   fire extinguisher, or other equipment on the bus

    11) Food and gum are to remain in our lunch box or bag at all times.  Water is permitted in a leak proof non-breakable container.
    12) Pointed or sharp objects such as pens, pencils, or scissors WILL remain in your backpack or notebook at all times.
    13) Glass containers of any type are not allowed on the bus.
    14) Pets, insects, dead or alive are NOT permitted on the bus.
    15) Seat coverings must not be damaged in any manner.  Anyone caught damaging the equipment will be subject to a disciplinary action and/or restitution.
    16)  Fighting or scuffling on the bus or creating  any loud disturbances will result in disciplinary action!
    17) Shouting to pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles, is a distraction to the driver.
    18) Keep all objects within the bus.  (A trash can is located at the front of the bus for your convenience.)
    19) The school bus is an extension of our schools; a drug free zone.  TOBACCO PRODUCTS as well as Chewing tobacco/ E-cigarettes/ Vape pens are included as a drug.
    20) Use appropriate language and hand gestures that do not offend others.
    21) Flammable materials, lighters, matches, and other such paraphernalia are not allowed on the bus.
    22) Respect others' personal space and property by keeping your hands to yourself.
    23) The same rules and regulations apply to after school. 
    On the Trip Home:
    A) You are permitted to leave the bus only at the regular designated stop. Any change MUST be made in WRITING by Parent's/guardian's and the note MUST be signed by a school ADMINISTRATOR. A phone call to transportation from parent's/guardian will be acceptable.
    B) Leave school property. DO NOT hang out at the school location.
    C) Assist younger children when leaving the bus.
    D) If you MUST CROSS the street, walk ten (10) feet in FRONT of the bus and look up at your driver for his/her okay to step into the street. Then, WALK ten (10) feet to the OUTSIDE EDGE of the bus, STOP and LOOK both ways to be certain all traffic has stopped and then proceed to the other side of the street.
    E) Go Directly HOME!

    Parents of  Pre-School and Kindergarten Students
    Parents meeting the pre-school and kindergarten students MUST be at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the bus' arrival. If a parent/guardian or designated person is not at the stop to receive the student/s he/she will be taken back to the school!

    For Your Child's Safety When Crossing the Street:

    If a student lives on the opposite side of a road from the bus stop, the student should go to the front of the bus and wait until the bus driver gives the signal to cross the road. Never cross the road behind the stopped bus. Always stand ten (10) feet from the street when waiting to get on the bus.