• Thank you for your interest in working as a substitute in School District 27J.


    School District 27J uses an online employment application system. If you are interested in viewing current vacancies or applying for a position, you must create an application and submit application materials by clicking here.

    Substitutes are employed as either classroom teachers (licensed personnel) or as clerical, para-educator or custodial substitutes (classified personnel).

    Application process for licensed substitutes

       Applicants must hold a valid, active Colorado Teaching License (Initial or Professional) or Substitute Authorization. Type III Authorizations require proof of a Bachelor’s Degree. Type V Authorizations are available for those who have a Bachelor's Degree or who have previously held a Colorado Teaching License.
       To obtain an application for a Colorado Teaching License or Substitute Authorization, call the Colorado Department of Education at (303) 866-6628 or access their website at http://www.cde.state.co.us.
       Complete the District Licensed Employee Application online. Include with the application a current resume, copies of transcripts, a copy of current teaching license, at least two letters of reference and phone numbers of previous employers. Substitute teachers also need to complete a Substitute Teacher Employee profile sheet in the Office for Human Resources outlining availability, qualifications, and subject/grade areas of interest.
       Following the receipt of a complete application file, references will be contacted. This may take up to four weeks. Substitute teacher candidates accepted for employment will be contacted to complete payroll paperwork in the Office for Human Resources and obtain the information regarding our automated substitute calling system.

    Application Process for Classified Substitutes

       Applicants for classified substitute positions must complete the District Classified Employee Application online.
       Following the receipt of a complete application file, a minimum of three references will be checked. Substitutes accepted for employment will be contacted to complete payroll paperwork in the Human Resources Office and pay a $50 background check fee prior to hiring.



    Substitute Handbook


Name Position Email Phone
Christina Feighner Substitute Coordinator cfeighner@sd27j.net 303-655-2969