• School District 27J, in partnership with Brighton Education Association, has created a unique certified evaluation system. Together we have created an evaluation system that is aligned with what we know to be good practice for increasing performance, whether the performance in question is by a student or a teacher.
    The 27J Teacher Evaluation Process is intended to do the following:
    • Emphasize the process of improvement by involving teachers and administrators in generating descriptive feedback and in discussing teaching and learning.
    • Reduce to the minimum the summative portion of evaluation, i.e. the rating of teachers, by reserving it for teachers on the Intensive Track.
    • Produce a document that records the observations and discussions that teacher and administrator have been involved in over the course of the year, with a sign-off by the evaluator that the teacher should continue on the growth track.
    • Increase joint accountability for the evaluation process.
    • Enable supervisors to spend time in classrooms.
    • Encourage teachers to be reflective about their teaching.
    • Facilitate reflective, ongoing dialogue that includes, but is not limited to: feedback, conversations about instruction, planning and assessment, data collection.
    • Eliminate the multiple cycles/tracks in favor of a two (2) track system:
      Growth Track - for teachers who are learning and growing adequately
      Intensive Track – for teachers who are in need of supports in order to learn and grow

    To learn more about the research, philosophy, documentation, and materials used during certified evaluations in 27J, please click on the links below