School Goals

  • School Improvement Goal
    100% of our students will make a years growth in reading, writing & math.
    Major Improvement Strategies:
    1. Teachers will be “Beginning with the End in Mind” and will make the End, bigger, broader and higher.
    2. Teachers will increase students owning their learning through self-assessment
    3. Teachers will increase thinking by students using questioning and discussion
    4. Teachers will increase opportunities for students to “make meaning” and “transfer in every lesson.
    Implementation Benchmarks:

    Increasing students owning their learning through self-assessment – Students are asked to think about where they are in relation to the learning objective and then do something about it several times during a lesson.
    Increase thinking using questioning and discussion – Students are asked to do the work and thinking through higher order questioning, effective questioning techniques and cooperative learning strategies.
    Increase opportunities for students to “make meaning” and “transfer in every lesson? Students are engaged in activities authentic tasks, discussions, and writing that will help them make meaning of the knowledge and “game time” transfer experiences are created for students throughout the lesson.

    We have made great strides in every classroom towards each of the benchmarks based on observation and teacher reflection. We will continue to work towards this using simple steps and repping towards making it a habit.

    Interim Measures

    Reading and Math Theme/Unit Tests - % of students who are proficient. 80+% on every theme.
    NWEA Winter Test. Students should be 2/3 of the way to their individual growth goal in math and reading.

    Interim Measures on our UIP included % of proficient students on theme and unit tests and growth in NWEA. These tests demonstrate growth and proficiency in reading and math.