School Name

  • How John W. Thimmig Elementary was named

    In school district 27J, schools are sometimes named for individuals who have contributed immensly to the success of students in the district over their lifetime. Thimmig Elementary was named after John W. Thimmig.

    Who was John W. Thimmig?

    Dr. Thimmig owned Brighton Animal Clinic for 42 years. From 1979 until retirement in 1990, Dr. Thimmig was chief executive officer of Englewood Press, an office supply company in Brighton.

    He was past president of the Colorado VMA and had served as its representative in the AVMA House of Delegates. Dr. Thimmig was a member of the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine from 1963-1968, and past president of the Colorado State Board of Agriculture. He was also past president of the Colorado State University Foundation.

    Dr. Thimmig's many honors include the Colorado VMA Outstanding Veterinarian-of-the-Year Award and its Veterinarian-of-the-Year Award in 1969 and 1970, respectively, and the CSU Alumnus Award from the veterinary college in 1973 and the university in 1993. He was inducted into the Colorado Agriculture Hall of Fame, and the Thimmig School in Henderson, Colo., is named after him. Dr. Thimmig served as president of the Brighton School Board for 12 years.
    Mr. Thimmig