• District Grant Procedures

    1. Intent to Apply:

    As soon as you decide to apply for a grant, e-mail the Grant Accountant at rmarquez@sd27j.net or jrodriguez@sd27j.net with the below information

    Notification must be sent before the application is turned into the grantor. Please include the following in the e-mail:

    • Grantor name
    • A short description
    • Amount applying for
    • The fiscal year in which the funds will be used
    • Signature requirements* 
    See Responsibilities of Grant Manager for responsibilities before you apply for grant
    Click here for a Grant FAQ

    *Grant Accountant will obtain the following signatures: Board President, Superintendent, and Authorized Representative

    2. Proposal Development:

    Grant Accountant will review and consult on financial aspects of an application

    3. Signatures and Letters of Support:

    Signature requirements are determined by the grantor in the grant application
    If required, the Grant Accountant will obtain signatures from the

    • Board President
    • Superintendent
    • Authorized Representative
    4. Attachments:

    Below are links to common attachments often required in grant applications. Please contact the Grant Accountant for any additional attachments required
    List of Board of Education Members
    Documentation of non-profit tax status
    Annual Report

    5. Submission:
    Application submission is the responsibility of the applicant, not the Grant Accountant
    Compile all necessary documents and submit to grantor on or before the deadline. Note whether applications must be delivered or postmarked by the due date.
    Send a copy of the completed application to the Grant Accountant to keep on file in the Finance Office

    6. Grant Award Notification Form (GAN):

    Fill out the Grant Award Notification Form upon receipt of an award notification from the grantor
    Submit Mail a printed GAN form, complete with the Principal's or department director's signature, to the Grant Accountant at rmarquez@sd27j.net or jrodriguez@sd27j.net. Please include the following with the form:

    • Copy of Grant Application (if not already provided)
    • Copy of Award Letter and/or Contract from the grantor
    • Check from the grantor (made out to your school or the District) if available 
    • A list of reporting requirements from the grantor (financial and otherwise)
    • A detailed budget explaining what you are planning on purchasing with grant funds
      * The Grant Accountant will obtain the Chief Financial Officer or Superintendent’s signature once all required paperwork has been turned in

    7. Grant administration process:

    • The Grant Accountant will email account codes to the Grant Manager after the GAN is approved
    • The Grant Accountant will inform the Superintendent's office regarding awarded grants and a thank you letter will be sent to the grantor.
    • The Grant Manager must follow the grantor's guidelines for reporting
    • Follow guidelines for Responsibility of Grant Manager
    • Follow guidelines for Responsibility of Grant Accountant

    8. Contract & Subcontract Approval:
    Send all grant contracts, partnership agreements, and memoranda of understanding (MOUs) that specify how grant funds will be used to Grants Accountant for review. Legal will review any document requiring a Board President signature or contains legal language that extends beyond the application