• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the legal name of the District?

    A1. Brighton School District 27J.

    Q2. Who is the Authorized Representative of the District?

    A2. The Superintendent or the Chief Financial Officer

    Q3. What is the District Indirect Cost?

    A3. Indirect cost, or administrative overhead, is a percentage (calculated by the state) of direct costs that the District collects from grants to support district-wide grant services such as: personnel offices, accounting, and payroll. Calculate indirect cost on all budget line items, excluding equipment. See the Grant Award Notification Form for the current indirect rate.

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    Q4. I want to write a grant to fund an after-school program. Where do I start?

    A4. Read the District Grants Procedure page in order to understand the process. Once you have found a grantor, use the Grant Proposal Writing section to plan your program and write a proposal. Then, send the Intent to Apply to rmarquez@sd27j.net.

    Q5. Our school received a monetary donation directly from an individual or group. Do we need to report it to the Grant Accountant?

    A5. If the money received is a grant, the grant needs to be reported to the Grant Accountant. In order to determine whether or not the funds are considered a grant ask the question, do you have ANY spending restrictions and/or reporting requirements on the funds? If yes, the money is a grant and must follow all of the grant policies. Examples of a grant include but is not limited to, a contribution, gift, or subsidy (in cash or kind) bestowed by a government or other organization (called the grantor) for specified purposes to an eligible recipient (called the grantee).

    Grants are conditional upon certain qualifications as to the use, maintenance of specified standards, or a proportional contribution by the grantee or other grantor(s).

    Funds that have requirements relating to spending and/or reporting, the funds must be treated as a grant. Please See Below.

    Does the grantor/donor specify how you are supposed to spend the money?

    Follow Grant Procedure
    (See below)
    Follow Donation Procedure
    (See below)

    • Read the District Grants Procedure page for details in order to understand the process of administrating a grant.
    • Please complete the following:
    • Intent to Apply
    • Grant Award Notification
    • Contract and Subcontract Approval (if applicable)


    Please click here to see School District 27J’s donation policy. Cash Donations are not reported to The Grant Accountant.

    Q6. What if my PTO, PAC, or Booster Club wants to give my school money?

    A6. If the PTO, PAC, or Booster Club chooses to gift funds to the school it will be considered a grant and applied to an account in the Other Special Programs(Fund 28). Moneys in the Other Special Programs must be approved by the Board of Education and/or the Superintendent prior to expending. Please advise Finance in advance if the PTO/PAC is planning on gifting ANY money to the school.

    If a school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), Parent Advisory Council (PAC), or Booster Club has applied and been awarded a grant it is the responsibility of that organization to work with the grantor in regards to all reporting and compliance requirements.