• Responsibilities of the Grant Manager

    A Grant Manager coordinates the grant and is typically the same person who applies for the grant. A school or department Secretary may act as a Grant Manager.

    Important Items to Note:
    - The Grant Award Notification Form requires the signature of the principal or director of your school or department.
    - Click here for form requirements for each type of transaction (p-cards, request for payments, journal entries, etc.).
    - A P-Card Transaction Report will be sent out to be reviewed and approved monthly.   

    Below is a list of the Grant Manager Responsibilities:
    1. Provide documentation to open a grant. The following documentation MUST be provided to the Grant Accountant before the Grant Manager can obligate or spend grant funds:
    - Grant application (copy) 
    - Original grant award letter or grant contract from granting agency
            1. Grant Award Notification Form (for ALL Grants)
            2. Official Grant Award Letter (GAL) (for State and Federal Grants)
    - Accounting and Procedural requirements of granting agency
    - A detailed budget explaining what you are going to purchase
    1. If the grant is Federal and/or reimbursable - Click here for additional required forms.
    1. Adhere to all guidelines stipulated by the grantor. It is the Grant Manager's responsibility to ensure that only allowable items are purchased with grant funds and that all documentation is provided on a timely basis. 
    1. Determine allowable costs. Ensure that all obligations and expenditures of grant funds are considered allowable costs by the granting agency. Brighton School District 27J will not be responsible for the reimbursement of any costs deemed unallowable by the granting agency.
    1. Provide all ongoing documentation. Provide the Grant Accountant with ALL ongoing documentation related to each grant. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Contracts
    • Reports
    • Reimbursement Requests: All reports and reimbursement requests MUST be Reviewed by the Grant Accountant before being filed with the grantor.
    • Adjusting Journal Entries: Include a Grants Expenditure Request (GER) with the Journal Entry
    • Personnel Changes (if grant pays for specific positions)
    • Correspondence
    1.  Ensure that all grant transactions (expenditures, receipts, transfers, etc.) are properly recorded and remain within the approved budget for the grant. 
    1.  Analyze open purchase orders. Analyze and maintain all open purchase orders to ensure that purchases are accurately encumbered and/or released during the grant period. 
    1.  Adhere to petty cash policies. If purchases are made using the petty cash account at the site housing the grant, all purchases/disbursements must be in accordance with the approved petty cash policies. Make sure to include a GER with the expenditure. 
    1.  Monitor staff changes. Notify the Human Resources Department of all changes, deletions, and/or additions of staff affiliated with a grant. Send copies of all personnel changes to the Grant Accountant at rmarquez@sd27j.net or jrodriguez@sd27j.net.
    1.  Monitor monthly budget reports and on-line transactions. The Grant Accountant will send you monthly reports to review and approve. Perform an ongoing review of the expenditures to ensure that they do not exceed the grants spending authority. 
    1.  File required reports. Prepare and file all budget adjustments* and reports (interim and final). Timely reports are extremely critical. Failure to meet these deadlines (as outlined in the grant contract) may result in the loss or withdrawal of the grant by the grantor. Additionally, there may be penalties and fines imposed on the district. Brighton School District 27J will not be responsible for penalties and fines.
    1.  Adhere to internal End of Year Deadlines.  Click here for more information.
    1.  Record Retention. Please contact the Grant Accountant at rmarquez@sd27j.net or jrodriguez@sd27j.net before any grant related documentation is destroyed or otherwise disposed of.