• Responsibilities of the General Accounting Department


    1.      Assist Grant Managers -- The Grant Accounting staff, in the General Accounting Department, serve as the primary contact for assistance with all grants. Click here for a list of our staff members.

    *The Grant Accountant will email account codes to the Grant Manager after the Grant Award Notification form is approved

    The Grant Accountant will inform the Superintendent's office regarding awarded grants and a thank you letter will be sent to the grantor.


    2.      Maintain records provided by Grant Manager -- For audit purposes, the Accounting Department is required to maintain files on all grants. However, the Accounting Department relies on the Grant Manager to forward all necessary documentation as outlined in the previous section.


    3.      Review reports and records -- The Grant Accountant MUST review all records and reports for accuracy of data. No reports or reimbursement requests should be sent to granting agencies without being reviewed by the Grant Accounting staff.