West Ridge Philosophy

  • Philosophy at West Ridge Elementary

    Child Focused

    At West Ridge Elementary you will find a warm, “Child Focused” atmosphere. Children and their learning will be the measuring stick for which all decisions are made and all actions are taken. Each classroom, hallway, cafeteria, and playground will resonate kids and celebrate their growth at our school.

    Instruction will be personalized to either support or challenge your child.
    Your child will be welcomed on a daily basis to a positive, safe, and engaging school environment.
    Every adult within our school community will strive to serve the needs and interests of the individual student.

    A Learning Community

    At West Ridge Elementary, the responsibility and accountability for student learning rests on the collaborative shoulders of teachers, parents, students, and administrators. We as adults must build relationships with each other, work, learn, care about each other, and empower one another with our knowledge and expertise so that we each may do better for kids.

    Teachers will work in teams to assure quality instruction, assessment, and monitoring student progress.
    Frequent communication of academic and social progress will be provided to parents.
    Students will be empowered in their learning and in tracking their progress toward their learning goal.
    As the child's first and best educator, parents will always lead the learning.


    West Ridge Elementary aims at ensuring that all students learn the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to be successful in life and prepared for the next grade level.

    Instruction will be based on the Colorado State Standards.
    Students will be engaged as thinkers, problem solvers, and evaluators.
    Focused instruction in the areas of reading, writing, math, Science and Social Studies.
    Emphasis on character development such as care for others, honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect.
    Teaching staff will closely monitor the progress of students and use assessment information to inform instruction.