Second Creek - Rules & Policies

  • Second Creek Elementary School Student Handbook

    Our school hours are from 7:50 a.m.-3:30 p.m. For safety reasons, students must not arrive at Second Creek or be on the school’s premises prior to 7:35 a.m. nor are they allowed to remain on the school’s premises after 3:45 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made. Student supervision will begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 3:45 p.m. If this schedule conflicts with your needs, please contact our before and after school daycare, New Frontier, by calling 720-685-7556.

    In order to meet the educational demands of all children, it is essential that your child be at school. Research has proven that there is a direct correlation between a child’s attendance and his/her success at school. Please try to schedule events, vacations, and appointments around school hours whenever possible. We recognize circumstances arise which may prevent your child from coming to school. When your child cannot attend school, please call the attendance line (720-685-7595) to report the absence by 7:15 a.m. You may also submit the absence via Second Creek’s website and clicking on the tab at the left entitled “Report an Absence.” If you fail to report the absence by 7:15 a.m., you can expect a call from the office verifying the reason for your child’s absence. Communication between parents and school helps track your child. Please help us by communicating whenever your child will be absent. In the event you have scheduled a vacation, homework will not be given prior to your departure. After three (3) consecutive days of absence, homework may be provided; however, this it is at the teacher’s discretion.

    Our expectations at Second Creek Elementary are as follows:

    1. When a student has missed over five (5) days, we will let you know by letter and/or by a telephone conference with our administration and ask you to keep on top of his or her attendance. This will be the first letter and Step 1 in an effort to improve regular school attendance.

    2. When a student has been absent more than ten (10) days (without a doctor’s consent), we consider this student to be habitually truant. We shall include provisions for the development of a plan. The plan shall be developed with the goal of assisting the child to remain in school, when practical, with the full participation of the child’s parent, guardian, or legal custodian. A conference will be held at Second Creek Elementary with one of our administrators to review and evaluate the reason for the child’s absences. This will be in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes § 22-33-107. At this point, you will receive a second letter. This will be Step 2 in an effort to improve regular school attendance.

    3. When a student has been absent more than fifteen (15) days, the student will be referred to the District Attendance Hearing. At this time, you will receive Letter No. 3 (Step #3) and the case will be turned over to the district truancy officer.

    4. At the District Attendance Hearing, the appropriate personnel will make recommendations and send the case to a court hearing, if necessary. At this point, the district truant office will take over your case.

    Please note, if your student is tardy or absent, it will be considered unexcused unless there is a valid reason, i.e., medical appointment, accident, court hearings, illness or family emergencies.

    According to state law, it is the obligation of every parent to insure that every child under his/her care and supervision receives adequate education and training and, if of compulsory attendance age, attends school. As you can see, we take our attendance policy very seriously. If your child has other problems (besides health which has been verified by a physician), we recommend you call our school counselor or school psychologist for additional help. They will do problem-solving and attempt to expose the root problem of his or her school absences.

    Colorado state law (C.R.S. § 22-33-101, et. seq.) establishes that any student who has more than four unexcused absences in a month or ten in a year may be declared “habitually truant.” The law further directs school districts to establish policies and procedures up to and including referral for judicial proceedings in cases of continued habitual truancy. It is never our desire to take such extreme measures. However, because attendance is one of the most critical factors impacting a student’s academic success, we do not hesitate to refer habitual truancy cases to appropriate court officials when other interventions have not been successful in addressing the concern. The School District’s primary interest is ensuring that all children maintain appropriate educational progress.

    Classroom teachers will take attendance immediately after the morning bell (7:50 a.m.). If students arrive after 7:50 a.m., they must report to the office with their parent or guardian to obtain a Tardy Slip before proceeding to their classroom. A Tardy Slip enables us to better prevent attendance errors. Please be aware that unexcused tardies may result in a full-day's absence. If tardiness becomes a concern, a conference will be held with the parents/guardian of those children. 

    Parents who need to pick up their child must report to the office. Children will not be excused from their classrooms until the parent, or authorized adult, reports to the office. Parents will be required to sign their child out of school. Students will not be released to individuals, other than the parent or guardian, unless previous arrangements have been made and a valid picture ID is provided. Only parents or designated adults may sign students out during the school day. Students are not permitted to contact their families for the purpose of leaving during the school day. They must make arrangements through the school office. In order to support our teachers and students to prepare for dismissal, interruptions to the classroom are not permitted during the final 15 minutes of the school day.

    Students may not loiter unsupervised on campus before or after normal school hours. Any student remaining on school grounds once school has been dismissed will be brought into the office. Any student arriving early or remaining late will be referred to Social Services. 

    You can expect that your child will be safe from harm while at Second Creek. However, accidents sometimes occur. Our health aide is certified to administer basic first aid to injured students. In case of a serious accident, parents will be contacted. If the parent cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency person recommended by the parent. It is critical that parents keep the school updated on all phone numbers and emergency contacts.

    Transportation to and from Second Creek will be consistent with the District 27J’s walkers and riders policy which states that students who reside inside of a one-mile radius from the school are determined to be walkers. Those residing outside the one-mile radius are riders. Riders shall have the option of being bussed to and from school. If students need to change bus routes due to an emergency situation, parents must notify the transportation office and the Second Creek office prior to the start of the school day. Such arrangements will be honored providing the change does not create an overload on the requested bus route. All questions concerning transportation should be directed to the transportation office (303-655-2991). Students may ride bikes, skateboards, and roller blades to school; however, they will not be allowed to ride these while on school grounds. Bikes must be locked to the bike rack outside. Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
    Each elementary student is required to pay a $10 student supply fee (covers the cost of planners, any additional supplies the classroom may need) plus a $5 technology fee (covers support for technology) at the beginning of each school year or new enrollment period. Our Superintendent Policy JQ states: students who have not paid all appropriately assessed fees will not be allowed to participate in athletics or extra-curricular activities until ALL outstanding fees/fines are paid.  This will include but are not limited to classroom parties, field day, purchase of yearbooks, etc.


    Phone Calls And The Automated Phone Service:
    Second Creek will call parents for a variety of reasons: concern, praise, events, etc. We also have an automated phone system that allows us to send a message to all parents in our student database. The automated dialer will keep you regularly informed. It may sound similar to an advertisement, so please be patient with the message.

    Students in Grades 2-5 at Second Creek will receive a daily planner. This planner will help students organize their class work and homework, as well as provide the teacher and parents with a mode of communication. Parents and teachers should expect each child to bring their planners with them to class and home from school. Notes between teachers and parents can take place in this planner, as well as homework assignments. If your student loses their planner, they may receive a replacement for the cost of $5.

    Report Cards And Progress Reports:
    Teachers will regularly communicate the progress of each student with the parent(s) of that child. A written evaluation in the form of a report card will be shared with parents during parent-teacher conferences in October. Thereafter report cards and grades will only be viewed and printed via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. A student’s academic standing and personal growth should never be a surprise to the parent. Parents are encouraged to regularly check in with the teacher to monitor their child’s growth. If you wish to monitor your child’s progress via the internet, please stop by the school office to obtain a user ID number and password if you have not already done so. A valid drivers license or picture ID will be required.

    Crisis Plans (Fire, Tornado and Emergency Lock­-Down Scenarios)

    Student safety is the first priority for Second Creek and its staff. There are a number of safety precautions that we take to ensure safety for all students and staff. Each staff member and student is trained in all of our safety and evacuation procedures, as these emergency procedures are practiced monthly. In all emergency situations (NOT INCLUDING PRACTICE DRILLS), we will use the automated phone system to keep parents informed. A “lock down” situation would call for the school and each classroom to be locked keeping the danger away from students. During these emergency times, parents and/or visitors will not be allowed inside the building. We also ask that you don't call the school. Our number one priority is and continues to be is the safety of our students and staff. We will communicate in the event of an actual emergency. Please be aware, some drills are conducted without taking the system "offline" in order to test the response time for our emergency crews. 

    Lost And Found:
    Students who have lost items should first check with their classroom teachers. Then, they should check the lost and found area outside the main office. Students who find an item should place the item on the lost and found table. Valuable items will be handled and kept in the office. Outer clothing should be labeled to help identify the owner.

    Any student who needs to take medication at school, whether it be a prescription or over-the-counter medication, MUST have a written permission slip signed by both the doctor and the parent before any medication can be distributed by the school. The medication must be provided by the parent in an individual pharmacy labeled bottle with the student’s name who is to receive it. The label must include the student’s name, name of the medication, the dosage, and the time for administering the medication. The office will keep records of any and all medication distributed. NO MEDICATION WILL BE ADMINISTERED WITHOUT THE PROPER DOCUMENTATION. This includes cough drops, inhalers, etc. For more information, please contact the Health Para by calling 720-685-7553.

    Weather Delays/School Cancellation:
    There may be a number of factors that would cause Second Creek to start late, end early, or cancel school. All cancellations will be broadcast over various radio and television stations. Please listen for Brighton School District 27J delays and cancellations. Do not call the school before checking the local stations. You will receive a call no later than 6 AM advising you if school is canceled or delayed.

    Television Channels: 2-WB, 4-KCNC, 7-KMGH, 9-KUSA, 31-FOX

    FM Radio: KSIR-107.1, KBCO-97.3, KBPI-106.7, KISS-95.7, The Fox –103.5, KTCL-93.3, KYGO-98.5, KCKK-104.3

    AM Radio: KOA-850, KKFN, KCUV-1150 (Spanish)


    The purpose of this organization is to encourage an active partnership between the parent community and the school. All parents are welcome to attend monthly meetings and actively support the various school programs offered throughout the year. Please visit the school calendar by clicking here for dates and times for our PTO meetings and other events. 


    Parents are always welcome to visit Second Creek at any time. However, all visitors are required to come into the main office, present a valid photo ID in order to obtain a Raptor “VISITOR” badge prior to visiting any part of the building, other than the office.  Please return the visitor badge to the office before leaving. Parents or visitors who are not wearing a badge will be asked to report to the office. Parents joining their student for breakfast or lunch will also be required to follow this procedure.

    Students should dress in a manner that is appropriate for school and the weather. Certain clothing types and styles are deemed as inappropriate for school day attire: clothing that reveals private body parts, underclothing, midriffs, cleavage or buttocks, i.e., tube tops, spaghetti straps, single strap shirts, backless shirts or blouses, halter tops or tank tops; skirts, dresses, skorts or shorts above 2” below the length of the middle finger when extended down from your side; skin-tight clothing, pants or shorts that hang below the hips, hats, caps, bandanas, sweatbands, hoods, or other head coverings, except for those worn for approved and accepted medical or religious purposes; and footwear or clothing that poses a safety hazard, i.e., flip-flops, heelies, etc. Modes of dress, hairstyles, and personal grooming habits will be accepted provided they are not disruptive, offensive, or contain any inappropriate logos or mottos that could deter the health, safety, or morals of individuals. Students who are not dressed appropriately will be asked to comply. On days when students attend physical education, they should bring tennis shoes and girls should not wear dresses.


    Hot lunch is provided for all children from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students will have the choice of purchasing a hot lunch or bringing their own sack lunch. Milk is available for breakfast and lunch. If your student has dietary restriction, i.e., food allergies or religious reasons, please provide written documentation to our Health Para. Any note concerning food allergies must be signed by a doctor.  Our Health Para will enter this information in Infinite Campus and will share the restrictions with the cafeteria. Breakfast will also be available for students beginning at 7:15 a.m.
    To view the breakfast menu, please click here.

    To view the lunch menu, please click here

    For further information, please contact the cafeteria at 720-685-7599.

    Students shall conform to the policies and regulations of the School Board, the Superintendent of schools, building principal and teachers. The rights and responsibilities of students apply to all school functions both away from the school and on the school premises. Parents shall be responsible for their children’s regular attendance at school ensuring their arrival on time, properly dressed, and in condition of physical health and mental alertness to benefit from instruction. School staff will be responsible for the conduct of students when in their classes, on school property and when supervising students outside school hours.


    It is the belief of this school that the person to handle minor infractions of classroom and building rules is the classroom teacher or the person aware of the infractions. Parents will be notified if behavior does not improve, minor infractions continue, and/or a major problem arises. Conferences will be held with parents, students, teachers, and administrator to make sure all parties are aware of the problem and to reach a solution to the problem. Students will be held accountable for their actions. Parents are required to sign and return the Discipline Referral to school.
    Behavior and Attitude Expectations:
    1. Students will be expected to act appropriately to one another and to all adults. Bad language will not be allowed. This includes swearing, offensive language, inappropriate gestures, and intimidating language.
    2. Fighting or any other behavior that might endanger others or one-self is not allowed. This also includes rock and snow throwing, tackle football, and any other physical and verbal act.
    3. Intimidation of others will not be tolerated. This includes both physical and verbal acts of intimidation. Inappropriate comments to other students and adults will not be tolerated.
    4. Refusal of a reasonable request. This will include refusing to participate, refusing to respond, and a defiance of authority, undermining authority.
    5. Disrespect of others. This will include talking back to adults, interfering in the rights of others or of the group, and showing no tolerance for the differences of others.
    6. Cell phones may not be used during school hours. They must be turned off and not visible.
    7. Students will be expected to dress appropriately to complete their tasks. Clothing and personal grooming must not be distracting, uncomfortable, disruptive, or unsafe to the educational environment.

      1. Clothing with unacceptable language or promoting drugs, alcohol, or violence will not be allowed.
      2. School is considered a place of business and students need to be dressed comfortably to focus on their work.
          (No low-cut shirts, mini skirts, midriff/halter tops; sagging pants, exposing underwear.)
      3. Hats or sunglasses are NOT to be worn inside the building.

    8. Parents are responsible for the appropriateness of their children’s attire.
    9. Students will be expected to respect school property and the property of others.

      1. Students will be responsible for textbooks, library books, and other materials checked out to them for school use.
          There will be a replacement charge for defaced, destroyed, or lost items.
      2. Students will be responsible for belongings of another student if they willfully destroy such items.
      3. Destruction of school furniture or facilities (includes bus transportation) will result in the student being
          responsible for reparation or restitution. 


    A. Conference with the student

    B. Discipline referral form filed by supervising teacher

    C. Parental contact or conference with child, parent, teacher, and the principal to develop a Behavioral Plan

    D. Assigned detention (i.e. loss of recess or privileges)

    E. Removal from school classroom (in school detention) 

    F. Student will be removed from the school (suspension) based on nature of behavior when appropriate.

    No credit for schoolwork while in suspension.

    G. Student will be removed from school and not allowed to return (expulsion)

    H. Repeat infractions will result in the increase in the severity of the consequences. Serious violations will result in

    immediate and severe consequences. Parents should expect to be notified by the school of the behavioral
    infractions of their children.
    I. Legal concerns will be referred to our School Resource Officer.
    Playground Rules
    Philosophy: The rules for the different playgrounds are needed to ensure the safety of all the children who use them. It is the responsibility of the playground duty supervisor to determine safe and appropriate behavior and enforce the rules in a reasonable and consistent manner. Students must follow the instructions and obey the requests of the playground supervisor.

    General rules for all playgrounds and play areas:
    Playground equipment must be used safely and appropriately.
    Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is safe for themselves and others.
    The following are not permitted:
    A. Fighting (wrestling, pushing and shoving will be considered fighting)
    B. Rock throwing
    C. Sliding on ice
    D. Bad language, threats, and bullying
    E. Tackle football
    F.  Toys brought to school (basketballs, footballs, softballs, etc., are permissible if they are marked with names so there is no
        question about ownership)
    G. Electronic games, radios, tape players, CD players, cell phones, Gigapets, and Pokemon. If items are taken, they will be returned to
        parents or to students the last day of school.
    H. Chase games (grabbing and tickling)
     I. Gum, candy or food on the playground
     J. Hard baseballs
     K. Any game or activity that is perceived as dangerous or unsafe