2nd Grade Quarter Goals

  • Second Grade Quarter Goals

    Goal: 2.10 - Students will respond to the text using evidence from the reading to support their answer with a focus on inferencing.
    Common Core State Standard: 2.10 Read and comprehend literature in a grade level text.
    Ideas for Home Practice:
    · Ask your child a question about his/her reading and have him/her prove his/her answer using the story. Have your child write it down or simply point to where in the story the answer is found. Make sure your child is using words and information from the story to support the answer. You could also switch roles and have him or her come up with a question where you have to prove your answer using the story.

    Goal: Students will use capitals, punctuation (periods, questions marks, and exclamation marks) and correct spacing in all of their writing.
    Common Core State Standard: 2.2 - Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
    Ideas for Home Practice:
    · Have your child write every day. Help him or her by correcting sentences needing a capital letter, finger spaced words, and periods or punctuation marks.
    · Have your child write a story on a piece of notebook paper and then type it on the computer. Use auto correct to check work.
    · Have your child type his or her story on the computer with auto correct turned off.
    · Write a “How to” paragraph explaining directions about how to do something and then correct it with your child.
    · Write silly stories together as a family using your family members as characters.
    · Research a topic and write a research paragraph about a topic of interest with your child.  
    · Students will write a piece with a main idea and supporting details.

    Goal: Students will be able to add and subtract facts 0-20 by fluently.
    Common Core State Standard: 2.OA.B2: Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies.
    Ideas for Home Practice:
    · Please help your child be successful at fluently adding and subtracting random equations by practicing the flash cards that are attached.
    · Use a timed worksheet from the internet.
    · Students will add and subtract within 100.
    · Provide a math practice on a math website. The following is a list of child friendly websites your child can use to memorize his/her math facts: