• Bus Loading Safety Responsibility of Parents/Guardians

    As the parent or guardian of a student/s you are also held accountable for such things as:

    1) Reporting any alleged misconduct on the school bus to the bus driver or transportation.

    2) Reporting all traffics hazards and the bus numbers of all buses observed being operated carelessly.

    3) Encourage students to observe all safety and conduct regulations established for the safe and efficient operation of the school bus.

    4) Observe the extreme caution when approaching a bus stop, a moving bus, or a stopped bus.

    5) STOP at all school bus FLASHING RED LIGHTS. It is illegal to run a bus stop sign!

    6) Help supervise large numbers of children at the bus stop.

    7) See that your children are at the stop five (5) minutes before the bus is schedules to arrive.

    8) Make sure YOU are at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the pick up or drop off of a PRE-SCHOOL or KINDERGARTEN student. If you are not present to receive your student they WILL be RETURNED to the school.

    9) After the start of the school year, all requests for a transportation change must be brought to the attention of the Transportation Router and then Approved by the Transportation Supervisor before they can be implemented.