• Mr. Goertz’s math class general overview.

    The class expectations are based on the PVHS core values of Honesty, Accountability, Welcoming, Knowledgeable, and School-Spirited.  (HAWKS)  

     -I want you to learn math, graduate high school, and be successful and happy in life.

     -You earn grades.  I record what you earn or did not earn.

     -Quizzes and Tests are 70% of your grade.  These will fall under the "Evidence" category in the gradebook/Infinite Campus.  You can retake any quiz or test just talk with me and set up a time.    Retakes can happen at lunch, or during an off hour.  Just talk with me and set up a time.

      -Classwork is due in class the day it is assigned unless stated otherwise.  If a student is absent or has not turned the work in the assignment will show as "missing" in the gradebook.  If you are excused for being absent the day of the assignment it will show as "exempt" in the gradebook if the work can not be made up.  If you are unexcused for being absent the day of the assignment it will change to a 0 and no credit will be earned if the assignment can not be made up.  Examples of a class assignments that can not be made up would be a gallery walk, class discussion or group activity.  All other assignments would be expected to be made up regardless if the absence is excused or not.  

    -Most classwork is graded on a 5 point scale.

    5-I engage in the work and can show understanding of the math topic and can teach another student.

    4-I engage in the work and can show a lot of understanding of the math topic with some misunderstandings in limited areas.

    3-I engage in the work and can show some understanding of the math topic but still have areas I need more support.

    2-I do not always engage in the work and can show a little understanding of the math topic and have many areas I need to learn more.

    1-I engage very little with the work and show almost no understanding of the math.

    0-I am not engaging in the work or trying to learn math.


    -All homework will be assigned through our enVision resource, Google classroom, or through Khanacademy.org.  We will create accounts together and if a student needs help logging in, or finding the homework I can help them in class.  After assignments are given students will be given a due date.  If the assignment is not turned in on time it will show as missing in IC until the  assignment is turned in.    
    -Checks for learning could be but are not limited to, class projects, class discussions, or other activities done in one or multiple class periods. 
    -Classwork, Homework, and Checks for learning are worth 30% of your grade and are under the category "Learning Experiences" in the gradebook/Infinite Campus. 

     -Ask questions to help aid your learning.  If you did not feel comfortable asking questions in class I am around during lunch and sometimes after school.  Feel free to send me an e-mail.    

     SUPPLIES:  -Get a calculator (that is not also a phone), 3 ring binder, pencils, paper and your school issued Chromebook.  

     -Unapproved electronic devices should be turned off and put away in class.  If a student has an unapproved device, they will be sent to ISS in accordance with school polices.    

     -Please keep food out of the class room and drink put away unless it is clear water.  Chromebooks do not mix well with beverages and food.  Some students may have food allergies and sticky floors and food crumbs invite ants, and other unwanted organisms.  If I catch you with food or drink I might eat or drink it, throw it away for you, or keep it till the end of class.

     -Turn in any work we do with paper to me or in the back of the room in the correct tray please.

     -I will use a seating chart based on emergenetic reports.   

     -Please use language that is appropriate for an academic setting.  I will try to remind you from time to time if you forget.  If language continues to be an issue I will e-mail your parents and quote you directly.

    -With this in mind I try not to lecture a lot so when I am giving you information, please be quiet.  Even if you understand someone sitting close to you may not.

     -I will do whatever I can to help you be successful in math.  Please do the same for yourself.


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at cgoertz@sd27j.net.  If you call the school it will go to voicemail automatically and I will do my best to return your phone call as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your time,
    Chad Goertz