• There may be cases in which students and their families may need to be reunited with accountability measures in place following an incident. A child can only be picked up by parents/guardians listed in Infinite Campus. The identity of the person picking up the child will need to be verified with photo identification.

    For some incidents, families may need to come to the school to pick up their child due to incoming severe weather, loss of power, or police incident in the neighborhood. In other cases, students may need to be moved to a different location and families will need to pick up their child off campus.

    In the event a family member must pick up their child from the school or alternate location, the district will send information and instructions to families via text and email. Information will also be posted on the district website. Families will need to follow all instructions in the communication to ensure a smooth reunification with their child.

    27J Schools uses the Standard Reunification Method (SRM) for all reunification events. SRM was developed by the I Love U Guys Foundation. Learn more about SRM:

    For more information about what reunification is and how it works, please watch the videos below.