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Open Enrollment - Choice of Schools Information

Open Enrollment


    Please carefully review the Frequently Asked Questions to determine whether or not you will need to submit an application for Open Enrollment - Choice of Schools.

    Find Your Child's School (22-23)

    Find your Child's School (23-24)

    School Boundary Area Maps

    27J Schools allows any student to apply to attend any 27J school/program on a space/program available basis.

    If you wish for your student to attend his/her boundary area school (by primary address), or if your student is currently enrolled at his/her school of choice, there is no need to complete the Application for Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools.

    All applications will be addressed on a space available, first come, first served basis and in accordance with 27J Schools policy and the conditions specified above.  

    All district-managed schools will be accepting open enrollment applications during the priority consideration period, however Reunion Elementary School, Quist Middle School and Brighton High School have limited space available in 2022-2023. Reunion Elementary will have limited space in 2023-2024.

    The District does not provide transportation for students attending schools outside their boundary area.

    Note to parents of students with disabilities: Open Enrollment–Choice of Schools is open to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities, however, may not choice into a center-based program as this can only be achieved through the IEP process.

    Note to parents of preschool students: Parents enrolling their child in 27J's preschool program will NOT need to submit an Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools application. Please visit Preschool for enrollment information.

    Please contact charter schools directly for their registration process.

    Feel free to email us at enrollment@sd27j.net if you have any questions about Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools. If you have specific questions regarding where your student will be enrolled, please include your student's name and primary address.