Sharing the Planet

  • Central Idea:

    Conservation affects the sustainability of resources.

    Related Concepts:

    Sustainability: to give support or relief to - to keep up: prolong

    Renewable Energy Resource: capable of being renewed - capable of being replaced by natural ecological cycles

    Nonrenewable Energy Resources: not capable of being renewed - not capable of being replaced by natural ecological cycles

    Resources: a new or a reserve source of supply or support

    Key Concepts:

    Connection: "How is it connected to other things?" - how is it related

    Responsibility: "What is our responsibility?" - take care of yourself, your actions, or others

    Reflection: "How do we know?" - look back - it is important to reflect on our conclusions, to consider our methods of reasoning

    Learner Profile:

    Inquirers: enjoy learning that will be sustained throughout their lives

    Open-Minded: open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities

    Knowledgeable: develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines

    Approaches to Learning:

    Communication Skills: opportunities to acquire listening, speaking, reading, writing and non-verbal communication

    Social Skills: opportunities to accept responsibility, respect others, cooperate, resolve conflict, and have group decision making


    Cooperation: Cooperating, collaborating, and leading or following as the situation demands

    Independence: Thinking and acting independently, making their own judgments based on reasoned argument, and being able to defend their judgments

    Appreciation: Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people