Overland Trail Middle Renovation/Expansion Concept Plan

  • otms  
    Project: Overland Trail Middle School Renovation/Expansion

    Started: Spring 2018

    Estimated Cost: $8.7 Million

    Architect: Studiotrope Architects

    General Contractor: GE Johnson Construction

Overland Trail Construction News

  • Construction project scope at Overland Trail Middle School:

    • New addition of 949-square-feet added on to the northeast side of the school.
    • New windows. Remove 66 existing windows and put in new aluminum windows and shades.
    • Lighting replacement with LED lights in hallways and gymnasiums and throughout school.
    • Replace six existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning units including controls.
    • Replace coils in the duct main for the HVAC equipment.
    • Power/data upgrade in classrooms.
    • Restroom renovation in three classroom wings.
    • Entry security enhancement.
    • New ceilings throughout school.
    • New door hardware for all existing doorways.
    • Remove HVAC units from gym and put them on the roof.
    • Install a backup generator.
    • New carpet installed throughout the school.
    • New paint in hallways and classrooms.


    Overland Trail Middle School site work:

    • New outdoor basketball court.
    • Create an outdoor learning space. This space will be shared by both schools.
    • Put in a concrete pathway for student access to Brighton Boys and Girls Club.