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  • 27J Bond Oversight members, project managers thankful for construction at schools

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 11/21/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Bond Oversight Committee members tour a Vikan classroom.

    For their November meeting, Bond Oversight members toured Vikan Middle School.

    At their November meeting, Bond Oversight Committee members toured Vikan Middle School to see construction upgrades that are completed throughout the school.



    As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday many of us take time to reflect on what we each are thankful for this week. Here are some of the comments from 27J Bond Oversight Committee members and 27J Construction Project Managers about what they all are thankful for this time of year:


    27J School District School Superintendent Chris Fiedler: “We are grateful. It has been a fast three years. The construction teams have finished an incredible amount of work in schools. It’s for the kids and we are really thankful we have delivered on the promises to voters. Speaking as a dad, it’s the little things that matter. My son who attends Southeast Elementary School is thrilled about the new furniture there.”


    27J Board and Bond Oversight Committee member Greg Piotraschke: “Thank you for everything the School District and the Construction Department and teams have done. I’m grateful for all we have done in three years.”


    27J Bond Oversight Committee member Liz Johnson: “I have appreciated this opportunity to serve on the Bond Oversight Committee. People in the District care about our kids. It’s cool to see what’s been done in our schools.”


    27J Board and Bond Oversight Committee member Roberta Thimmig: “I have seen a lot of momentum from this bond. The growth will still come to this area but I think we have a base to build on and that’s because of our parents who value our schools.”


    27J Bond Oversight Committee member Gary Allen : “I have two grandchildren in 27J Schools at Brantner Elementary. I’m so appreciative of what’s been done at that school. (The 2015 Bond funded a project to have Brantner enlarged to almost double the size of the school.) “Everything I have seen with the 2015 bond has been remarkable. I see the pride now and the people who think this is a great School District. The things I see going on here I’m so thankful for. The teachers I talk with are happy and they look forward to coming to work.”


    27J Senior Construction Project Manager Caleb McNeil: “I am thankful to serve the entire school district by renovating existing spaces or creating new spaces for teachers to teach and children to learn. I am thankful to work with a great organization filled with welcoming folks. I also am thankful for the Construction staff because they work very hard to maximize the bond funds and do their best to deliver the best products to each school community we work with."


    27J Construction Project Manager Les Layton: “I am responsible for getting all the warranty work done on our construction projects. There is a two-year warranty on all of our major projects and the contractor is responsible for anything that comes up for those first two years. I am thankful for this job. It is rewarding when you see students in the new and or improved areas at schools around the district."


    27J Construction Project Manager Kevin Barden: "As a 27J construction project manager I am thankful the bond funded a new health care center at Brighton High School this summer. This project ensures that high school students in the District have access to health care right in their school. I'm also thankful to have been a part of the renovation project at Brighton High School that enlarged the Dawg Diner cafeteria and made heating and cooling upgrades to the school for better comfort in classrooms for teachers and students."


    27J Construction Project Manager Mike Craig: “I’m thankful the 2015 bond funded the renovation project that upgraded Vikan Middle School, which is 56 years old, to look like a new school from the outside and throughout the building. I’m also thankful for the current bond-funded expansion and renovation projects at Northeast Elementary and Overland Trail Middle School. I give thanks that students are benefiting from the renovations that occurred this summer and they will enjoy more space in their schools when the project is completed in December.”

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  • Outdoor classroom created for Northeast Elementary & Overland Trail Middle

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 10/29/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Shared outdoor classroom space is going in at Northeast and OTMS.


    Students will sit two upon a boulder for seating in the outdoor classroom.


    Outdoor classroom at Northeast Elementary and Overland Trail Middle Schools. Trees are being planted there also.


    Northeast Elementary and Overland Trail Middle School students will be spending more time outdoors this spring. An outdoor classroom space with trees, and boulders to sit on, has been put in place in the center of the campus.


    Outdoor classrooms are gaining in popularity at schools. Outdoor classrooms are not an extension of the playground. They are a separate area designed to provide various learning opportunities in a natural setting. They may include project-based stations, observation areas, and gathering spaces for discussion. Outdoor classrooms provide methods of learning not possible in a traditional indoor classroom.


    Providing students with an outdoor learning experience gives them a chance to feel the sun on their face and the wind in their hair, giving them a closer connection to their natural environment.

    The "seat" boulders were put in place last week. The space will accommodate 24 students, with 12 boulders arranged and students sitting two upon each boulder. This outdoor space complements other school site improvements such as a trail going in on the grounds and an artificial turf field soon ready for students at the elementary school to run and play on.

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  • Quist Middle School construction starts gym walls

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 10/12/2018 11:05:00 AM

    The gymnasium walls have started going up at Quist Middle School.


    Steel in the first classroom area is completed.


    Steel going up in the second part of the classroom wing.


    A crane is moving steel girders to construct Pod B of the school.


    When Quist Middle School is built by 2020, it will be able to house 825 students in grades six, seven and eight. Currently, 669 Quist Middle students are housed at Riverdale Ridge High School -- until their school is built.


    By enrollment numbers, Quist Middle School is the second largest middle school in School District 27J.


    The construction of Quist Middle School is moving along. In fact, the first part of the two-story classroom wing for the steel structure has been completed. The roof decking is nearly completed, and the slab floor is scheduled to be poured this week. 


    Last week, the second part of the steel structure was started for the middle school. Steel girders were being fastened in place all week to build this extension of the classroom wing. The third area for the steel structure is scheduled to start being built this week.


    The walls have also started going up for the gymnasium. Workers are placing concrete masonry units to build the gym walls. 



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  • Surveying work taking place at Elementary 13 site

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 10/5/2018 8:00:00 AM

    JR Engineering was surveying the area around the new elementary school site.


    Survey work is happening around the new elementary school site.


    Engineers scope out amenities in the vicinity like handicapped ramps.


    Survey work is happening on the Elementary School 13 site.


    Engineering survey work was going on at the site for 27J's next elementary school.


    Crews from JR Engineering were doing surveying work this week at the site of the School District's next elementary school. This school is currently being called Elementary School No. 13.


    Elementary School No. 13 will be located in Brighton Crossings subdivision on Longspeak Street off 50th Avenue. The site for the new school is located north of the King Soopers Shopping Center off 50th Avenue. This new elementary school will be constructed by 2020. 


    Pre-construction surveying work being conducted includes topographical mapping on the site and on streets adjacent to the school site. Manholes close to the site are surveyed to measure pipe size and depth. The pre-construction surveying work was being conducted to map out locations for water and sewer pipes and stormwater requirements for the school site.


    Elementary School No. 13 will be constructed as a prototype building of Reunion Elementary School. Construction on the new school is scheduled to begin in spring 2019. This will be the final school constructed with funding from the 2015 Bond.


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  • Broncos turf field going in at Northeast Elementary

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 10/2/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Denver Bronco logo can been seen at Northeast Elementary now.

    Broncos name and logo go down on the artificial turf field for Northeast kids to play on.

    Crews are putting down an artificial field at Northeast Elementary this week.


    Crews are installing a former practice field donated by the Denver Broncos at Northeast Elementary School this week.


    Putting in the field at the school is part of the renovation and expansion program underway at Northeast Elementary.


    Once the artificial turf is installed, students will be able to toss the football on the field and play sports and games on it.



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  • Rodger Quist Middle School goes vertical at construction site

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 9/21/2018 9:00:00 AM

    Steel beams are being moved into place at Quist Middle School construction site.

    Putting steel in place in classroom area.

     Elevator under construction at Quist Middle School.

    Grade beams being poured for gym foundation.




    Rodger Quist Middle School goes vertical at construction site


    Steel beams are being moved into place starting this week at the Rodger Quist Middle School construction site at 136th Avenue and Yosemite Street in Thornton. Putting up steel to build the new middle school started this week on Sept. 17, and is moving along quickly.



    Work to build an elevator for the school was also progressing this week, and more concrete is being poured for grade beam foundation which has now reached to the middle school gymnasium.



    Rodger Quist Middle School is scheduled to open to students in fall 2020.

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  • Northeast Elementary Kindergarten wing has windows going in

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 9/18/2018 9:00:00 AM

    Window frames going in at new Northeast kindergarten wing.


    Large windows let in light and let students see out.


    The exterior view of the new kindergarten wing.


    Windows are being installed in the new Kindergarten wing at Northeast Elementary School. The large windows, which are three panels wide, go all the way to the floor in the new part of Northeast Elementary School.


    These large windows are designed to let natural light into the new space, and allow for young students to be able to easily see out the windows.

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  • School-based health center opens at Brighton High

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 9/7/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Ribbon cutting ceremony to open health center.


    Pictured (left to right) are: 27J Superintendent of Schools Dr. Chris Fiedler, 27J Chief Operations Officer Terry Lucero, Brighton High student Ashley Settergren, Brighton High Principal Shelly Genereux, Brighton High student Prisylla Arteaga, Kids First Board President Curtis Stepan, Brighton High student Jonah Clark, Community Reach Center Program Manager Paul Wozniak, Kids First Executive Director Norma Portnoy, Kids First Development & Outreach Coordinator Merrill Schmidt and Salud Family Health Chief Dental Officer Ethan Kerns.
    Students pictured are part of the Health Center VOIHCE Youth Advisory Board, which stands for Voicing Our Imperative Health Concerns Everyday.

    Partnerships make health center work.


    Pictured (left to right) are: 27J Superintendent Chris Fiedler, Salud Chief Dental Officer Ethan Kerns, Kids First Executive Director Norma Portnoy, CoBiz Financial Communications Specialist Marcia Romero, Community Reach Center Program Manager Paul Wozniak, School-Based Health Center Program Coordinator Kristina Green with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Platte Valley Medical Center President and CEO John Hicks.




    A ribbon cutting ceremony to open the School-Based Health Center at Brighton High School was held on Sept. 6. The School-Based Health Center is a partnership between School District 27J and Kids First Health Care who will operate the health center.


    Community partners also include Salud Family Health Centers providing preventative dental services, and Community Reach Center providing counseling and mental health services.


    Brighton High students will be able to rely on the health center to meet their needs for a full range of age-appropriate health care services, including annual physicals (which can be used for sports physicals), immunizations, sick and injury care, management of chronic conditions, medical screenings, preventive dental care, mental health counseling, and health education.


    “When students miss school due to illness it has a direct impact on their ability to learn,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Fiedler. “The school-based health center will provide our students with much needed health services and resources, enabling students to spend less time away from school and more time in the classroom.”


    “School-Based Health Centers make a difference because they take health issues out of the classroom and into the hands of qualified medical professionals,” said Executive Director of Kids First Health Care, Norma Portnoy. “The Brighton High school-based health center addresses obstacles to care such as lack of transportation and challenges for parents who need to take time off from work to take a child to the doctor.  This helps parents retain employment and helps employers increase worker productivity.”


    Funding for this project was also made possible by:

    • Platte Valley Medical Center
    • The Colorado Health Foundation
    • CoBiz Financial
    • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
    • Rose Community Foundation
    • Schlessman Family Foundation
    • 2015 School Construction Bond



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  • Quist Middle School Groundbreaking held

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 8/31/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Rodger Quist at Quist groundbreaking ceremony.

    Groundbreaking with students for Quist Middle School.


    Quist students at groundbreaking for future school.


    Quist students and Quist Assistant Principal Kevin Marlatt break ground.


    Groundbreaking ceremony for Quist Middle School.

    Construction team with Rodger Quist at groundbreaking.


    The official groundbreaking ceremony for Quist Middle School was held on August 30 at the site where the school is under construction.


    Quist Middle School is scheduled to open in 2020.

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  • Quist Middle School foundation going in

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 8/21/2018 7:00:00 AM

    caissons going in at Quist Middle School

    Drilling going on to put in foundation piers

    Classroom wing for Quist Middle under construction

    More grade beams to be poured this week.

    Some of the foundation has been poured in the classroom wing


    Construction of Quist Middle School is moving along with caisson foundation piers being drilled and poured. In all, 314 foundation caissons will be poured for the middle school. As of today, there were 222 caissons completed. Between 14-15 caissons are being drilled daily at the construction site.


    Foundation grade beams have been poured in some areas of the classroom wing. Also, water lines will be started to be installed by next week. The construction schedule has steel beams starting to go up and masonry walls being constructed beginning the week of Sept. 17.


    The community is invited to celebrate the construction of Quist Middle School at the ceremonial groundbreaking on Thursday, August 30 at 10 a.m. at the Quist construction site.

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