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  • Windows going in & walls going up at Brighton High School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 6/22/2017 10:30:00 AM

    windows square window

    open windows


    wall up

    wall finished

    Crews continue to work on installing new windows at Brighton High School. The new windows will be a variety of shapes and sizes and will bring energy savings to the building. A new fan being installed, the new roof and removal of old unit venilators in classrooms will all bring increased energy efficiency to Brighton High School.


    Construction crews are also installing new walls in some BHS classrooms. The walls are replacing movable walls that had divided classrooms.


    The renovation project at Brighton High School is funded by the 2015 School Construction Bond passed by voters.

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  • Brighton Heritage Academy getting new roof & entire mechanical system

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 6/19/2017 9:00:00 AM

    copper pipes


    round duct



    new mechanical room  


    Due to the brick in the walls between classrooms at Brighton Heritage Academy (BHA,) 27J contractors are using a diamond saw cutter to cut through brick and walls in classrooms. This is being done to install new duct work for the mechanical heating system being put in at the school.


    Two types of duct work are being put in classrooms. Round ducts hang from the ceiling for the air flow and will remain exposed. The rectangular ducts also are attached to the ceiling but will be enclosed in a soffit. 


    Duct work was being installed in every classroom starting last week. Copper piping for the heating mechanical system was also being installed.


    Two new boilers were moved by crane into the school basement last week. A new air cooling system is also being installed with four new air handling units. Crews have poured concrete at BHA on the south side as they prepare to construct a new outdoor mechanical room.


    In other work at BHA, locker bays that are out-of-date have been removed from the school's first floor. The architectural recesses are being painted and filled in with drywall, where the lockers have been removed.


    BHA is also getting a new roof on the school. The roofing work continues and will be completed next month.


    This is all part of Phase 2 of construction at Brighton Heritage School. Work installing the new roof is funded through a Colorado State Department of Education BEST grant. The mechanical heating and cooling system being installed at BHA this summer is funded through the 2015 School Construction Bond.


    Phase 1 at BHA was completed last summer and included replacing 154 windows and doing asbestos abatement in 10 classrooms.




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  • 27J holds Official Count Day; 579 workers on summer bond projects

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 6/16/2017 8:45:00 AM


    Pictured are Steelworkers from Tricon Industries who constructed the steel structure for Riverdale Ridge High School.


    School District 27J is putting hundreds of people to work this summer in support of the 2015 School Construction Bond passed by voters. On June 13, the District held its own official count day to assess the number of construction workers working, at one time, at several 27J school sites.


    27J currently has nine active construction sites at new and existing schools and school district owned buildings. When the count was conducted, a total of 579 workers were on a School District 27J job.


    When you add the 579 active construction workers to 27J’s regular employee count of 1,500 full-time employees and 200 part-time employees (coaches, substitute teachers and substitute para-professionals) that adds up to 2,279 employees.


    This number shows that, due to voter approval of the 2015 Bond, 27J is putting people to work building schools and renovating and upgrading existing buildings.


    “We have a great team of contractors, engineers, architects and steel workers in place. It is because of this team of dedicated professionals that summer construction projects are moving along on schedule and at times, ahead of schedule,” said School District 27J Superintendent, Dr. Chris Fiedler.


    “Especially because many of the people working on these projects are 27J residents and alumni--many of whom have students attending our schools," Fiedler said. "As we are building new schools, we are also reinvesting in our existing, historic buildings so that they will serve generations to come. Thank you 27J voters!”


    School construction sites are at: Vikan Middle School, Brighton High School, Brighton Heritage Academy, South Elementary School, Overland Trail Middle School, 27J Indoor Pool building and the Educational Service Center. New school construction sites are at Riverdale Ridge High School at 136th Avenue and Yosemite Street in Thornton and the newest school to be constructed is Reunion Elementary School in Commerce City.


    The District also employs workers at short-term projects including: parking lot replacements, tennis court resurfacing at Brighton High and Prairie View High, roofing replacements at five schools, exterior caulking and masonry waterproofing projects.



    Here are the employee numbers by school construction site:

    Reunion Elementary School: 120

    Riverdale Ridge High School: 216

    Brighton High School Renovation: 75

    Brighton Heritage Academy Phase 2 Renovation: 44

    Northeast Elementary School Renovation: 1

    Overland Trail Middle School Renovation: 13 roofing employees

    Vikan Middle School Renovation and Addition: 71

    Rodger Quist Middle School: 12 (Project not yet under construction; still in design phase)

    South Elementary School Roofing Project: 7

    Pennock Elementary School Masonry Waterproofing: 4

    Second Creek Elementary School Masonry Waterproofing: 4

    Fiber Optic Network Expansion: 12

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  • Numerous summer construction projects going on at 27J Schools

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 6/14/2017 9:00:00 AM

    dawg diner  

    The Dawg Diner cafeteria at Brighton High School is currently being renovated. The floor has been removed, new windows will soon be installed and a wall has been demolished to expand the seating capacity.



    There are more than 25 school construction projects going on this summer in School District 27J. Here's a list of projects: 


    1) Brighton Heritage Academy roof replacement


    2) Brighton Heritage Academy Phase 2 Renovation including new mechanical system and interior renovation


    3) Brighton High School roof replacement including the Comprehensive Learning Center


    4) Brighton High School Renovation including exterior window replacement, new siding and Dawg Diner expansion


    5) Brighton High School tennis court resurfacing. This project has been completed and these tennis courts are now open for use.


    6) Elementary School No. 13 site evaluation


    7) Fiber Optic expansion


    8) Henderson Elementary School removal of two modulars


    9) Indoor Pool roof replacement


    10) North Elementary School parking lot replacement is being done in partnership with The City of Brighton starting on June 14


    11) Northeast Elementary School design development estimate for renovations and construction starting in fall of 2017


    12) Nutrition Center parking lot repair


    13) Overland Trail Middle School roof replacement


    14) Overland Trail Middle School design development estimate for renovations and construction starting in fall of 2017


    15) Pennock Elementary School masonry waterproofing


    16) Prairie View High School tennis court repair project starting on June 15


    17) Quist Middle School schematic design estimate


    18) Reunion Elementary School completion with school being turned over to 27J by the end of June 2017


    19) Riverdale Ridge High School construction continues with completion in summer 2018


    20) Second Creek Elementary School masonry waterproofing


    21) South Elementary School roof replacement


    22) Turnberry Elementary School modular removal


    23) Vikan Middle School roof replacement


    24) Vikan Middle School renovation and expansion


    25) Educational Service Center roof replacement


    26) All schools will have an intrusion alarm changeover made this summer

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  • Caulking & waterproofing started at Second Creek Elementary School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 6/6/2017 9:30:00 AM



    second creek

    Crews started the exterior caulking process this week to waterproof and protect the exterior of Second Creek Elementary School. They will caulk between the stone masonry for the entire building, and then use a spray to apply a protective coating in a process called masonry waterproofing.


    A graffiti blocker will also be applied to the entire exterior surface of the brick. Exterior caulking prevents water and air from penetrating the interior of the building. 


    The caulking and waterproofing at Second Creek Elementary School will happen through June 23; and the same caulking and masonry waterproofing work will occur at Pennock Elementary School starting on June 12 through June 30. This project is funded by the 2015 School Construction Bond passed by voters.



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  • Cafeteria wall torn down for Dawg Diner expansion

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 6/5/2017 2:00:00 PM





    windows diner

    taking out windows

    Construction workers removed a wall in the BHS Dawg Diner between the interior and exterior seating areas in the cafeteria June 5. The outdoor area of the diner is being enclosed as part of the renovation project at Brighton High to expand indoor cafeteria seating for students. Crews have started digging the foundation to put in a wall to enclose the space. Windows will also be replaced in the Diner.


    Window frames are going in where the existing windows have been removed at Brighton High. Crews are also taking out more windows on the second story of the high school. 


    The BHS Roof and Renovation project is made possible by funding from the 2015 School Construction Bond passed by voters. The Brighton High School roof and renovation budget is $7.7 million. The construction scope includes: new windows and metal panel siding on the north portion of the school. The new windows and gray, red and white panels will wrap around the building from the auditorium to the Dawg Diner.


    Other upgrades being made to BHS this summer are: ADA parking upgrades, restroom remodels to four bathrooms, classroom unit ventilator remodels, replace moveable walls with permanent walls in three classrooms, replace main gym mechanical system, a complete roof replacement and safety and security upgrades including putting in a new security kiosk in the main lobby of the high school.

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  • Renovations underway at Brighton Heritage Academy for Phase 2

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 5/31/2017 2:20:00 PM





    Construction work on the roof and in school hallways and classrooms has started at Brighton Heritage Academy for Phase 2 of construction this summer. Last summer, Phase 1 of construction was completed with 154 new windows being installed at the school and abestos abatement in 10 classrooms.


    Phase 2 of the Heritage Academy project includes a new roof replacement and having a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installed. That includes installing new duct work throughout the school including into classrooms. The roof replacement work at BHA has started. Crews are also working in the boiler room, starting to remove unit ventilators in classrooms and are removing old lockers in hallways.


    This project is funded by the 2015 School Construction Bond and with BEST grant funding from the Colorado Department of Education. 

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  • Construction work starts at Brighton High School

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 5/30/2017 11:30:00 AM


    remove window



    Construction crews started removing windows today from Brighton High School as part of the renovation project happening there this summer. Workers met with Brighton High Principal John Biner, toured the school and got to work this morning removing windows from the school. New windows will start to be installed at BHS tomorrow or Thursday.


    A crane delivered roofing supplies onto the school roof this morning, so the work to install a new roof at Brighton High School can begin. The entire roof at Brighton High is being replaced this summer including on the Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC) Building.


    This renovation project is made possible by the $248 million funding from the 2015 Bond passed by voters.

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  • Vikan teachers packing up so interior renovations can begin

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 5/26/2017 1:30:00 PM

    Packing up packing


    exterior framing

    Teachers are packing up boxes and clearing out classrooms today at Vikan Middle School to get ready for a move tomorrow, so the interior classroom renovations can begin next week. Six classrooms are being renovated into four, larger classrooms this summer.


    Construction on the new sixth grade classroom wing that started last February is moving along. Today crews were working on the exterior framing for the building. The Vikan Addition and Renovation project also includes putting in a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and replacing existing water and sewer pipes over the next few months.

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  • Riverdale Ridge High School Topping Out Ceremony

    Posted by Tonja Castaneda at 5/23/2017 12:15:00 PM




    Frank Stump

    beam in air


    A Topping Out ceremony to place the last piece of steel was held at Riverdale Ridge High School on May 23. The last piece of steel was set in the high school gymnasium. The tradition is to have people sign the beam before it is moved into place. About 40 people attended the ceremony. 


    The new high school is under construction at 136th Avenue and Yosemite Street in Thornton, and is scheduled to open in fall 2018 to students.


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