Requesting a Student Transcript

  • In an effort to better serve our students and protect their privacy, 27J Student Records has implemented the following procedure concerning High School Transcript requests:

        • All requests for transcripts must be made in writing. The district form entitled “Request for Transcripts or Information” can be used or the requesting party may prepare their own form, setting forth the information required by the district.

        • The student must sign all requests. A parent may sign if the student is under the age of 18 years.

        • All background check and employment verification companies are required to provide a release executed by the student along with a written request (this may be the company’s own form if all pertinent information is provided). No verbal verifications will be given.

        • Faxes are accepted if the request is complete and fully executed.

        • Transcripts may not be picked up. All documents will be mailed and/or faxed.

    Call 303-655-2900 with any questions.