• pvhs

    Prairie View

    High School
    12909 E. 120th Ave., Henderson, CO, 80640 - 303-655-8800 - Website

    Project Budget

    Deferred Maintenance Budget

    Safety/Security Budget
    Planned Improvements
    Deferred Maintenance
    Artificial turf replacement COMPLETE
    Repairs to concrete from turf replacement COMPLETE
    Re-surface tennis court, re-spray running track
    Other items to be identified by principal
    Courtyard renovation
    New energy-efficient lighting in gym
    New partitions, hardware & FRP in restrooms

    Intercom connected to areas not currently on system
    Replace security system DVR
    Additional security cameras
    AED for athletics
    Panic (duress) buttons
    Lock box for law enforcement access
    Carbon monoxide detection

    Other Items
    Bus loop asphalt COMPLETE
    Asphalt test borings COMPLETE
    Basketball court
    Parking lot repairs
    Concrete repairs
    Technology cable adds COMPLETE
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