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  • Our Team! 

                                                      Our Team!

                              (Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Riessen, Mrs. Gouveia)

    Prairie View Middle School- Comprehensive Counseling Program


    The mission of the PVMS counseling department is to reach every student with a comprehensive school counseling program that is data informed, preventative in design, and developmental in nature. This program meets the academic, career, and personal social needs of all students for present and future competence and success.  We are an integral part of the culture at Prairie View Middle School, visible in our work by encouraging students to become empowered and empathetic life-long learners.


    The vision of the Prairie View Middle School counseling program is for all students to utilize the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to empower every student today to take control of their future tomorrow. The future we dream includes our students becoming healthy adults with coping skills to overcome adversity. As a result of the PVMS comprehensive counseling program, students will be empathetic global citizens and positive leaders of tomorrow, modeling well-rounded health and wellness.They will be contributing members of society and life-long empowered learners. 

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    Welcome to the Prairie View Middle School mental health page. Here you can find information about what services are offered by the school counseling department.  There is also a Counseling Resources page with links (on the left) to a number of resources.

    What does a school counselor do?

    School counselors make a measurable impact in every student’s life, assisting with academic, career and personal/social development. Professional school counselors are trained in both educating and counseling, allowing them to function as a facilitator between parents, teachers and the student in matters concerning the student’s goals, abilities and any areas needing improvement. School counselors provide services not only to students in need, but to all students. 

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  • Students, if you would like to talk to a counselor, please fill out the virtual green sheet below.  A counselor will get in touch with you as soon as possible Tuesday through Friday.  

     Virtual Green Sheet Counselor Request Form


    If you are in the building and have an emergency, you can fill out a red card for immediate assistance. If you are at home, you should go to and fill out a report there or call 911.


Our Mental Health Team

Name Position Email Phone Page
Alicia Warren School Psychologist 720-685-5478 View
Melissa Nelson 8th Grade Counselor 720-685-5400 View
Catie Riessen 6th Grade Counselor 720-685-5403 View
Elizabeth Gouveia 7th Grade Counselor 720-685-5465
A school counselor is