• About Our District


    School District 27J was formed in 1959 upon the reorganization and consolidation of several former school districts. School District 27J is located northeast of the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area and encompasses about 212.4 square miles in northwest Adams County, northeast Broomfield County and southwest Weld County and serves a population of about 86,000. The District is the only school district serving the city of Brighton and also serves segments of the cities of Thornton and Commerce City, in addition to the surrounding unincorporated and generally rural areas.

    School District 27J is the sixteenth largest in Colorado (among 178 school districts) in terms of enrollment and the second largest in Adams County. During the 2016- 2017 school year the District served 16,526 students. The district has 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools (2 comprehensive high schools and one alternative high school), and five charter schools. The District is anticipating is serving more than 17,500 students during the 2017-2018 school year.

    The district provides a full and challenging range of educational programs and services authorized by Colorado State Statute including kindergarten through grade twelve education in elementary, middle, and high schools; Special Education; Vocational Education; an Online Education program; English as a Second Language education; Gifted and Talented; and numerous other educational and support programs.

    In addition, the district offers preschool programs through the Colorado Preschool Program and provides educational programming for the residents of the Adams County Youth Services Center (AYSC). The AYSC serves students from fourteen school districts across Adams County by offering language arts, and meet the appropriate academic requirements, the teaching staff offer a chance to complete a GED program,math, science, social studies and art. Additionally, students with special needs are provided additional educational support. For those students who are 17 and meet the appropriate academic requirements, the teaching staff offers a chance to complete a GED program.


    Mission and Vision 



    The mission of School District 27J, with the support of the family and community, is to
    ensure that ALL students have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for present and
    future competence and success.


    We believe that...

    ALL students can be expected to master essential skills that will lead to a demonstrated
    proficiency in those areas necessary to become contributing, productive, and cooperative members
    of our society.

    ALL students can be expected to develop attitudes of adaptability, a positive work ethic, personal
    characteristics of caring for self and others, self-discipline, honesty, integrity, and a commitment
    to lifelong learning.

    We believe that...

    Students learn at different rates using various styles. It is more important that a student learns
    than when the student learns.

    Teachers will be sensitive to each student’s cultural background and unique needs and capitalize
    on diversity to provide an enriched learning environment. Opportunities for success will be
    provided through appropriate learning experiences.

    Holding high, realistic expectations for achievement in all students is critical. Opportunities for
    success will be provided through appropriate learning experiences.

    Recognizing demonstrated mastery in ALL students leads to a positive self concept. Students will
    be encouraged to recognize, evaluate, and celebrate their learning successes.

    We believe that...

    The combined efforts of parents, school staff, and the community in providing support and
    resources are essential to promote student learning.

    A safe and positive environment that is conducive to learning will be present in each school.

    Communication and involvement of staff, parents, students, and the community improve the

    Success is established by designing the school structure, curriculum, instruction, and assessment
    around clearly-defined student outcomes.