Open Enrollment - Choice of Schools FAQs

  • Definitions:

    In District Student – the student lives within the 27J Schools boundary

    Out of District Student – the student lives outside the 27J Schools boundary

    School Boundary (Attendance) Area – Each District-managed school has a geographic area assigned to it that is the school’s boundary area. Students are assigned to a school’s boundary area based on the student’s primary residence address.

  • Will all 27J district-managed schools be accepting open enrollment applications?

  • How can I access boundary area maps?

  • How do I know if I need to submit an Application for Open Enrollment-Choice of Schools for my student?

  • How do I apply for Open Enrollment–Choice of Schools?

  • Can I open enroll my child at any school in the District?

  • What if my student will be in Kindergarten?

  • What if my student will be in Preschool?

  • Will the District provide transportation if my student is open enrolled?

  • Do I need to fill out an application for each of my children?

  • What if I am unable to fill out an application online?

  • What is my student has disabilities?

  • If I change my mind after accepting placement, will my student be able to return to the boundary area school?

  • Will my acceptance to a school be based on the time my application is submitted?

  • What are the established priorities?

  • How do I enroll my student at a charter school?