• Application for 2019-2020




    A “school within a school” opportunity for 27J students to receive targeted gifted and talented instruction in academics and social emotional learning.


    Kindergarten - 5th grade has self-contained GT classrooms

    Location: Pennock Elementary, 3707 Estrella St., Brighton, CO 80601


    6th-8th Grade GT Programming

    Location: Vikan Middle School, 879 Jessup St.•Brighton, CO 80601





     2019-2020 dates


    Information evenings:

     Tuesday, March 12, 2019 

    Location: Pennock Elementary School - Library
    6:00pm - 6:30pm - Elementary school program informational meeting
    6:30pm - 7:00pm - Elementary classroom visit/tour
    6:30pm - 7:00pm - Middle School program informational meeting


    Application dates:

    Application opens: January 7, 2019

    Returning families: Letter of intent due by January 25, 2019

    Wait List families: Letter of intent due by January 25, 2019


    Testing date: Saturday, February 9, 2019

    A date in March or April is to be determined.


    Lottery: February 15, 2019

    Students will be accepted post lottery based on date and qualification.




  • Why did School District 27J launch this program?

    Gifted students learn differently. They learn at a rapid pace, delve deeply, and make countless connections among and between subjects and topics. They need an environment that offers curricula that matches their unique learning styles. Their curiosity, creativity, intensities, sensitivities, and advanced learning styles should be embraced and appreciated by their teachers and classmates. A classroom of cognitive peers, with teachers who understand and appreciate the needs of gifted learners, will allow these students to flourish intellectually, socially, and emotionally in a rigorous and engaging atmosphere.

  •  A "school within a school" model:

     A “school within a school” allows for two types of programming (general education and gifted education) to operate on one campus. This option allows for the students at Achieve Institute to have a learning community focused on gifted learners, but a large school community to have all education opportunities. Full campus opportunities will include special area classes, lunch and recess with grade level peers, school wide fundraising and family events and more.


     An integrated curriculum model in elementary:

     The integrated curriculum model (ICM) responds to gifted learners’ characteristics of precocity, intensity, and complexity through its three dimensions of advanced content, higher level of process and product development and interdisciplinary concepts and themes. This model allows for the students to dive deeper into science through literacy, it allows for students to explore math in science, it teaches writing through history – in essence it is all about connections for the learner.


    What are the different program components of Achieve Institute?

    PASSION Projects:

    Gifted learners have a passion to learn but many times it is about topics that are not being covered in class. At Achieve Institute time will be set aside to allow students to explore their own passion. The students will create their own inquiry based questions and explore the learning to find the answer.

    SOCIAL – EMOTIONAL development:

    The social emotional needs of the gifted learners are a critical part of their development. Topics will be addressed through literacy, discussions, and learning opportunities.

    Addressing the emotional components is key to helping our gifted learners truly understand themselves.

Q & A

  • How are the needs of the gifted met with this programming option?

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    Gifted students have a higher cognitive level and this allows for them to acquire information with few repetitions. This allows for the classrooms at Achieve to move at a quicker pace.

    Students are pre-tested and taught material they have not mastered. This moves the classrooms along at a quick rate and can also lend itself to teaching to off grade level material. 

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  • Is transportation provided?

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    Transportation is provided for all families that live within the boundries of the school desired (Pennock or Vikan).

    For the last 2 years we have had enough interest that transportation has provided shuttles from West Ridge Elementary, Second Creek Elementary and Reunion Elementary. 

    Transportation is set up through the district website and there is a charge for transportation.

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  • What is the class composition?

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    Currently, Achieve Institute has a kindergarten - 2nd grade classroom; a 3rd/4th grade classroom and a 5th grade classroom. Classroom composition for the 2018-2019 school year will be decided upon once applicants have been qualified and the numbers support the classroom composition. 

    Some parents have asked when this will be decided and typically we have class size and compositions by April. We want to be intentional with the students placed in the classes to ensure that all children are in the best placement. This can be difficult since not all students that apply will qualify for Achieve. Maintaining the classroom composition of gifted students is first priority.


    Middle School:

    6th Grade: The Achieve students will be clustered together for the four content areas (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science). Students that are performing at the same levels of Language Arts and/or Math will be added to middle school classes. Students will also be placed in the Social Studies and Science class as placement allows to allow students to gain other perspepectives. Sixth grade students will particpate in passion projects during advisory.

    Achieve students will be able to select their electives and will be mixed with grade level peers for the electives classes.

    7th Grade: Achieve students will be clustered together for Science. Achieve students will be placed in their level of Math and Language Arts and will remained clustered together based off their level.

    Achieve students will be able to select their electives and will be mixed with grade level peers for the electives classes.

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  • If a student doesn’t qualify now, will they ever qualify?

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    Every student performs at different levels based on their experiences and exposures. Students have the ability to reapply if further data has been collected to support the body of evidence. For example, all students are assessed in 2nd grade on the CogAT. If a student performs on that assessment within the state guidelines they can reapply with that new data piece. Another example would be if a family had an IQ test done with an outside tester, then the family could provide that piece of data as well.

    It is important to note that standardized assessments must have a minimum of 12 months in between reassessment. Therefore, if the student took the TEMA then they can not take that test again for 12 months.

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  • How does admission to Achieve work?

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    All interested families will need to fill out an application for each child. Applicants who are 5 years of age by October 1, 2018 (or older) are eligible to apply. Take time to look at the other pages to help understand the characteristics of gifted children.

    Students that are currently identified as gifted and talented are eligible for admissions without further testing upon district verification.


    Once the application window closes the gifted and talented department will finalize testing and qualification letters.


    A lottery will occur if there are more qualified applicants than spaces available.

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