New Process & Fingerprinting

  • Congratulations on joining the 27J Schools' team!   Your hiring process has a few more steps. An HR technician will be emailing documents that need to be completed before you start.

    Please stay in contact with your HR technician during this final piece to the process.  

     Classified/Non-Certified Positions: For positions that do not require a teaching-related license, 27J HR conducts a fingerprinted background check onsite.  Please schedule a time with your HR technician to come in. Call 303-655-2900 and ask for HR.

     Teachers/Certified Positions: For all teaching/certified positions, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

    1. Conducts a fingerprint background check
    2. Issues teaching licenses based on this background check
    3. Communicates arrests to each district throughout employment  

    27J also conducts a criminal background check at the time of hire. CDE requires fingerprints completed by a certified law enforcement agency.  

     For CDE licensure, the fingerprint submission process to CBI has changed: Fingerprinting occurs through a CBI vendor. Connect to the vendor here: